Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sibling Babywearing (Celebrating Siblings Photo Share)

My daughter has always wanted to independently babywear her little siblings. I figured I would let her try at the playground and was startled at how she totally rocked it! And during International Babywearing Week. Seeing the fierce protection in her eyes and the sheer joy of connecting with her brother made me realize this is yet another way to celebrate siblings in our family. Of course, necessary disclaimer: always supervise and ensure both siblings consent. You can read about more ways to celebrate siblings here.

To Celebrate Siblings, my mama friends shared their sibling moments with us:

Ashley shared a photo of her older two Brydon and Irelynn wearing their baby brother Ryder. 

"He was about 2 months old. They absolutely loved it, one of my favorite memories! The little chub is up to 20 lbs now so only mommy wears now but they fondly talk about the time they got to wear "their" baby."
Alicia Ferrer's kiddos are BFF for sure!
Amy's baby, Zion, just said his first word "bubba" to his big brother, Eli!
Here are Angela's twin boys wearing her younger girls. The boys are 9 and the girls are 2yrs and 4 months. Those boys love their sisters more than anything!
"Here are my two babies, daughter Tatum and our almost three month old son Reid. Both were/are happily worn and held as much as possible There's five years between them, but you can just feel the love they have for each other."
"My youngest brother (11) wearing my son (3 mos in this pic)"
"My youngest sister (7) wearing my son (9 mos)"
"Our boys checking each other out the morning after our homebirth. He was so excited to be a big brother."

Soleil, age 2.5, holding her one and only sister, Aya, a few days old. They loved one another the minute they met. Sisters!
"Soleil (age 3) kissing her sister, Aya (age 3 months). They are 7.5 and 4.5 years old now, best friends forever...the only girls living with 5 brothers!"
"When we only had 5! Now we are soon to have 8!"
"Here is 7 yr old Kai holding Aya a few days after her birth at home They are nearly 12 and 5 now!"
Lorelei & Creed are 17 months apart.
"One of my favorite pictures ever. My oldest son holding my youngest son."

Kyrie 8, Malachi 4, Kaylin 1.5
My son and daughter are 30 months apart. She only coos at him. She adores her big brother!
My 3 babies! They are 6, 3 and 2 months
When Ian was born, Christian said that they would best buddies for life! Ian's now 18 months and Christian is now 4.5 and they really are best friends.
First time meeting. 13 months apart

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