Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tandem Babywearing and Special Moments

We wrapped up our babywearing focus for International Babywearing Week by showcasing tandem carries and our favorite moments.

Yes, it's definitely possible to carry at least two kids. How to mix and match depends on the needs of your particular children. The child who need to get down frequently or quickly should have the carrier that goes on top. You can mix wraps and ringslings with structured carriers provided they don't interfere with the straps. If you're new to tandem carrying, practice with a spotter...a support person who can help keep you balanced and provide an extra set of hands.

I was really excited to get these photos thanks to my sister.
They represent our first babywearing as a family of 6. :)
"My daughter was 13 months old when we welcomed twin boys to our family! I had to get very creative with baby wearing because I lived in an apartment complex and it was way too hard to get a stroller from the door to the car! This day, we took a walk to the leasing office and back without a hitch!"

"Normally I wear the older child on the back.We love the Ergo for tandem wearing!"

"Trying a double (9.5lbs) in front in the Baby Hawk & toddler (35ish lbs) on the back in the Ergo. "

I'm honored to share this photo of Sam tandem wearing her two littles, Bram at 25 months and Alden at 2.5 months. 

"Wearing both my twins for the first time!"
"Our family, from Green Mommy Diapers, wearing our 5 year old and 8 month old in Nati Notes by Natibaby available exclusively from Wrap Your Baby

Photo credit to Petal & Vine Photography"

"Anyone looking at this would see a water birth but to me it is special b/c this was my healing moment from 2 very traumatic cesareans. My VBA2C baby born just 1 month ago today."
"Wearing my 10 week old daughter, Sunshine"

"Our first successful baby wearing day! He's about 6 weeks old and sleeping soundly"

"I think it's probably obvious why this photo is special to me... He was born just seconds before this was taken. I had not yet birthed the placenta. His cord was still attached and we were still sitting in the birth pool. I love him so much. "

" This is the first photo I have of my husband holding our son. Sooo much love!! "

"Here's the first time I got my husband to try my Beco! We were hiking in Glacier Nat'l Park for the very first time. We live in Bozeman, Montana."

"Wearing my 3-1/2yo at my daughter's cross country meet this morning. So snuggly!"
"my handsome hubby carrying our 16 month old at Montgomery Bell state park"
"First time mommy here. My daughter Audrey Jade and I LOVE baby wearing. We prefer the ring sling. This day is special because it's her first time bowling and mama bowled her best games of her life. She was my good luck charm! She even was asleep for the 2nd half of the event. She felt happy and secure even in a loud bowling alley!"

First time babywearing her baby

"My first time wearing my baby in a sleepy wrap in the NICU"
"Here's the very first time I wore my first born son, Zion. That was 10 years ago."

"Babywearing in the rain at the Taste of Chicago last year."

"Babywearing at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago."

"My 7 month old son, Oran, and I hanging out while I.make dinner. He's teething and restless, but the sling chills him put, and I'm so thankful to be able to comfort him that way, especially when he's miserable from teething." ~Telly D
" I wanted to share a picture bwing my 2 year old at the fair a few weeks ago in our Kinderpack."

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