Sunday, October 6, 2013

What is a Padsicle?

A padsicle is a soothing pad,especially used during the post-partum time. You could also creatively use it for a variety of other reasons such as for hemorrhoids or after surgeries and treatments. It can reduce swelling, provide pain relief and apply a remedy to an injured area such as a torn perineum or external hemorrhoids.

How to make a padsicle:

1. Choose your preferred pads. Obviously, cloth pads are the healthiest and most environmental. But sometimes disposable is just easier, especially for those people in situations calling for padsicles. If you feel overwhelmed, consider disposables.

2. Choose your preferred remedy/liquid. Anything can go onto a padsicle, so don't get too stressed about what others are choosing. Think about what you need and what works for you. Some ideas:

  • Plain water
  • Witch hazel
  • Herbs such as comfrey, uva ursi, yarrow, shepherd's purse, lavender, sage, st. john's wort, sea salt, chamomile and echinacea, etc. You can even purchase mixes tailored to your needs, such as the herbal sitz baths here.
  •  Essential oils that are specific to your needs. Some ideas include lavender which is soothing, cypress for hemorrhoids, geranium and clary sage, frankincense and helichrysum which are all great for general healing after post partum. 
3. Make your remedy into a pourable liquid. Boil the herbs for example. Or blend your chosen essential oils into a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil.

4. Set out your pads onto a plate, cookie sheet or other movable surface that can slide easily into your freezer.

5. Carefully pour your remedy onto the pads. It's up to you to decide on how much you want on each pad, such as depending on your lochia flow.

6. Place in the freezer and store there to use when needed.


Where do I buy my remedies?

Many remedies can be found at natural health stores or online sites such as and and are two sites for home birth supplies.

What essential oil brand do you recommend?

I don't have a recommendation. Be sure to research the companies to find the one that offers what you prefer (such as organic, or plants grown in the original areas, or undiluted oils). Smell and try before you buy to rule out reactions.

In addition to creating padsicles, herbal mixtures can also be used
in the tub for a good soak, in portable sitz baths and in peri bottles.

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