Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Story of How I Met Your Dad

So, our wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I told this to DD, wondering what I should do/get/say for the special date.

"What's your story?" I was confused for a moment until I realized she was asking the child-version of, "How did you meet?"

I figured I'd put our story here.

DH and I first met through....wait for it....a homeschooling group. So much for the socialization myths with that one. We became acquaintances but didn't really develop a friendship until my sister intervened while our group was having fun at the zoo one day. She made us exchange IM names. (Remember IMming?? LOL).

It turns out we had a lot in common and so a friendship quickly blossomed and deepened over several years. When IMming wasn't enough, we turned to notebooks, filling out pages before exchanging them at our weekly homeschool meetings. It wasn't until the Valentine's day before I turned 16 that our friendship turned into something more. That day, he gave me a small notecard with an awkward message on it. In the immortal words of love, he confessed that he, "more than liked me."

Poor young DH, who could write beautiful songs during a car ride or pen long-winded, complex poems, could barely scratch out that he more than liked me. I was thrilled, however, and sealed it with a big hug. (We are homeschoolers after all.)

Playing the piano at a friend's house
Our first date consisted of my dad driving me over to the $1 movie theater and meeting him and a best friend. I don't remember what movie it was, nor did we really care. We sat there and giggled and held hands, then we stood outside the movie theater, leaning on each other (ok, maybe tightly embracing) while Mr. Third Wheel attempted to stack pennies onto themselves as a distraction.

Still more friend than boyfriend at that point,
I couldn't think of anyone more fitting to be my 
confirmation sponsor. 
We quickly became inseparable, finding time to hang out together whenever possible. Since we were both from large families, (our parents together have 20 kids) it was easy to find fun things to do, such as take the children to the museum or playground for the day. Dating "alone" was a rare treat and yes, if you've ever read Cheaper by the Dozen, the dating stories in that book are rather accurate.

Breaking another homeschool stereotype,
we enjoyed several homeschool proms together.

We had a ton of fun times in those early years and dabbled in all kinds of interests. We both thought about the medical field and attended classes together at Washington University St. Louis. We helped out with the family business for awhile. We traveled to new places and learned new languages together. We also followed Christopher West around the country like his top groupies and bought every book he wrote lol!

Cramming in some vacation time
before the onslaught of parenting in our life lol.
One night, we were watching a horror movie on his family's front porch when he leaned in closer to me. "Will you marry me?" I didn't even turn my head away from the TV, as we had discussed this and many other tough topics such as parenting decisions all through our friendship. "Of course, duh," I said. He pressed closer, "No, I mean, will you marry me?" That's all I got for a proposal! We were officially engaged.

Engagement photo
We went with his Irish heritage, choosing matching
claddagh rings. He worked full time that summer to buy me
the ring and import it from Ireland. I was happiest to
find out that he didn't buy a diamond one out of consideration
of the ethical issues in that topic.
We finally settled on a date: November 24th. His parents celebrate on the 23rd and my parents on the 25th, so we were carefully cushioned in between them, something we wanted to show our gratitude for their own marriages and the examples they were/are for us. It was a big wedding and a lot of fun thanks to the many people who pitched in and cared so much about us.

Right before receiving the Eucharist together

Our favorite sport is scuba diving, so of course we spent our honeymoon at Cozumel, getting our cave, deep and night diving certifications.

And good thing we packed all that fun in, because about 3 months after getting home, I was pregnant with Zon and haven't had enough space in between kids since then to get in diving! :) And that's our story, thanks for reading!

Celebrating might not be the same kind of fun,
but we still make time for us!


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