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Growing up Unvaccinated - Voices for the Vaccine Injured

After watching a potentially fake article pop up in my newsfeed all week, I realized reposting my thoughts under each discussion was inefficient. So here is my story of growing up in a vaccine-free, health-focused family. (You can see the article flaws pointed out here and read a rebuttal here.)

*Please note that the terminology such as "uncircumcised" used in this post was intentionally done to align w/ the original article.

My mom wasn't a health nut. She was the product of two parents who listened to every word the doctor says. She got all her vaccines (sparse as they were compared to our children's schedule today). She got all her dairy, despite frequent illness and recurring ear infections. She got all her antibiotics and pain medications, too.

She married a Navy man and moved to California. Then she had me. I had a traumatic forceps delivery after she crashed from the analgesic dosage. I was severely injured and required surgeries in the neonatal period. While in the NICU, I developed a staph infection and was put onto IV antibiotics. I got all the routine interventions of the time and then I was put onto the regular vaccine schedule.

After each round of vaccines, I went home injured. I would scream a hight-pitched, haunting cry all night. I had a high fever, arched my back and stiffened in an odd way (my mom later learning that was seizure activity) and had diarrhea. My mom was obviously concerned but the doctors assured her it was normal, a coincidence, and that I would die without my vaccines.

She went in one more time, for one more round of vaccines. I had to be resuscitated after administration. I wasn't the same after that. Then came more of the inconsolable screaming. She later learned that is the encephalitic cry, a side effect of the DTP vaccine. I began seizing, then became lethargic and glassy eyed. Her offers of rounds of tylenol at the doctor's orders were minor gestures of comfort that only served to increase the brain damage.

Doctors reassured her over and over again, adamantly, that it wasn't the vaccines and that I must have epilepsy. They said maybe I was allergic to something, too, but they told her I absolutely had to be vaccinated. One doctor told her with a straight face to vaccinate me in the hospital so I could be helped if I coded again.

At the same time, my mom had her second child, who also received a couple vaccines before she walked away from this situation of harm and bullying. She never looked back.

I'm on the left there, typical vacant face after vaccine injury.
My partially vaccinated sister is on the right.

Since I had lost basic skills, what might be called low functioning autism today, my mom set out on an intense path to learn all that she could to help me. Our entire lives changed. She was so well informed that she was ahead of her time and knew to avoid the oncoming 80s bandwagon touting soy and whole (unsoaked) grains as healthy. WAPF was old news to her and she already knew some of the misinformation. She was into biomedical treatment and GAPS before people could read about it on the internet. My mom personally corresponded with people such as Barbara Loe Fisher, Marilyn Moran and Viera Schiebner. This was all via hand written letters that I've saved, of course. She didn't have a smartphone for easy texting!

None of her other children received a vaccine of any sort. After her third military hospital birth was botched again, she went on to birth at home, unassisted. She had 8 more births. She never had another ultrasound and she did her own prenatal care. Her babies were examined annually for records only by a local natural MD.

Holding her fourth child, her first born unassisted at home.
And here is her fourth child, born unassisted, uncircumcised, unvaccinated...
holding MY fourth child, born unassisted, uncircumcised, unvaccinated. :)
Growing up, we weren't made out to be different. She didn't impose fear and anxiety onto us, nor did she impair our development such as by avoiding activities. We were homeschoolers, after all, so we had a multitude of extracurricular hobbies from gymnastics to camping to music lessons. She didn't demonize other parents or teach us to fear people who made different decisions.

All born unassisted, unvaccinated, uncircumcised and no antibiotics.
At the movies.
Teh horrorz.

We were a health-conscious family but my mom didn't turn it
into a disorder or extreme. You could still spot us enjoying
time together at a restaurant for example.

She did, however, take time to teach us anatomy and physiology, including incorporating college-level identification and medical terminology into our homeschool and providing us with a respect for nature. Dad was especially a great influence here, helping us to raise rabbits, teaching us gardening and canning, how to live off the land, how to hunt mushrooms and how to identify just about anything in the forest.

A few of us remained especially attracted to the life sciences. For example, one of my brothers intends to be a marine biologist/zoologist and has filled the basement with various plants and creatures. Science was, for many of us, our absolute favorite topic in school and dinner table discussions frequently included scientific dissemination.

Biologist Brother's garden, made with natural or recycled products
and using heirloom seeds only
Thanks to her efforts, we were given a solid understanding of physiology, especially in the areas of pregnancy, birth, lactation, early childhood, disease pathways and nutrition. Her commitment to providing educational opportunities gave me a solid parenting foundation to nurture my own children and (slowly for now lol) to continue my own career path in neuroscience.

We all got the chickenpox, an altered form in my opinion since it was transmitted by a recently vaccinated child. My sister and I were into adolescence at this time as the chickenpox vaccine didn't arrive on scene until the 90s. We had pox over every square inch of our bodies but it was a normal illness. I remember feeling crappy for a couple days and then being itchy for about a week. Our youngest sister at the time was 9 months old and she got a spattering of 3 pox on one cheek, due to being exclusively nursed.

Speaking of which, my mom exclusively nursed all of her children after me, nursing long after the early weaning style of the time, nursing during pregnancy, and tandem nursing. This likely played a large part in the robust health of her children.

My mom was told not to breastfeed me and didn't know any better.
I was her only child to get formula.

Nursing in public at the zoo about 15 years ago. The sister on the right
was the 9 month old who contracted a few pox.

Oops! Latching onto the wrong spot there, Buddy! LOL!

I had developed a measles-like rash back during my vaccine reaction, probably a sign of secondary vaccine failure and contraction from the vaccine itself. But as for other diseases, who knows? The kids might have had rubella and fifth's disease at some time. Mayoclinic says it's such a mild and fast illness that it's easy to overlook. Or they might have had pertussis. I remember having a forceful cough in my teens. But it didn't knock me down and I didn't have severe symptoms. It didn't last 100 days, either. Maybe bronchitis. Who knows. That's the thing about not having underlying conditions and knowing how to rest and take care of the body. Illness just isn't a big deal. If it had been perttusis, the mildness isn't surprising, seeing as how the CDC admits to mild illness in vaccine free children.

My husband, interestingly, can confirm that he had pertussis due to testing by a doctor. His entire family had it. It's interesting because he was fully vaccinated at the time as was his entire family. And they still got through it simply and calmly, without hospitalization or taking scary photos of red-eyed, crying children.

Other than our record-keeping exams, why go to the doctor? For antibiotics? Nope. My mom new better than to assault our guts and immune systems with unnecessary antibiotics. During the height of American germ-fear, when people were popping antibiotics for everything without demanding a test to distinguish viral or bacterial illness, my mom knew better. We weren't boarding the MRSA train. It wasn't until child #8 was a teen, just a few years ago, that one of us received antibiotics, for signs of impetigo in an infected earring hole that the teen didn't want to combat in other ways.

I also remember the time we had rotavirus. That WAS a gross smelling virus and it was strong. I remember it coming out both ends, lol. I remember my mom using the crib in a real way for the first time (since of course we were a big cosleeping family) to safely hold the 1 year old while she was attending to all the puke and diarrhea.

And, I guess that's it. Out of 11 children, illnesses were extremely rare. We just didn't "get sick" like the other kids. Walking around outside, noses draining green snot, on antibiotics every month...that was something we missed. Growing up unvaccinated, we enjoyed normal milestones. All of her children (after me) walked and talked before age 1 for example, and could self-feed well with normal finger dexterity. I've since seen the same development with my four children (sitting at 3ish months, standing at 5-6 months, walking by 9 months etc) and my nephew as well.

We didn't have cases of asthma, ASD, ADHD, SPD, etc past my original regression. As her children reach adulthood and have their own kids, they are lacking chronic disease, cancer, infertility, diabetes, etc. Sadly, I have some of my own vaccine scars I've had to explore or try to resolve with limited understanding due to the continued anti-science behavior in our society that impairs continued research in immunological and epigenetic areas.

I know every child technically "owes" her life to her mom. Moms grow, birth and raise their children selflessly, without anything in return. But I feel a personal level of gratitude towards my mom, and my dad. I will never be able repay them for the hard, long journey they and especially she took to recover me. She was alone while her husband was out at sea. She was mocked, pressured and lied to by doctors. She was alienated by friends and family. She had limited resources (you didn't google medical studies back then, but thankfully she was able to gain access to the military medical library.)

She had to walk away from the medical system during a time where you went to jail for disobeying. Her husband was in the military. Think about just didn't refuse circumcision, vaccines, etc while in the military in the 70s and 80s. Her unassisted births were a threat to her husband's career for example. And they stayed the course, determined to protect their children from injury at all personal cost.

They were young. Poor. Alone.
Pressured. And they rose above
that for their children.
Because my mom found her motherly voice to stand up and to protect me, I was able to find my voice again. My first words after recovering from my vaccine injuries? "Mom, when is Daddy coming home?" He was deployed at the time and missed it. My mom still cries when she relives that memory. Don't take for granted the words your children can speak, the ability to walk, talk, eat without diarrhea, etc. Cherish every moment.

Growing up unvaccinated : it was a childhood free of injury, atypical disease and fear. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all you did for us.

Some of my unvaccinated siblings building a leaf pile with my unvaccinated kids.

Vaccine-free or vaccinated, one thing remains true. It's really hard to get a
big family together for a photo! This is Christmas 2012. 
© Guggie Daly

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  1. Great post! Feel free to share in the comments of my post on the original article ;)

  2. Thank you for this. I have been hoping that a well informed blogger would post a good rebuttal to that "other" post that has been all over Facebook, which I have no doubt is fake and just another marketing ploy by the sickness industry Big Pharma!
    I too was a child who had all the vaccines and multiple rounds of antibiotics for ashtma and bronchitis, and had behavioural problems, which, if i had been a couple of years younger would definitely have been labelled ADHD and medicated for.
    Fortunately I studied natural health and doula studies before having children. As a result my 2 boys were conceived consciously after months of health preparation and detoxing, no ultrasounds, born at home, not circumcised, no vitamin k or vaccinations (not even the heel prick test because i trusted i had done everything in my power to produce genetically healthy babies), and have never ever been to the dr or had any pharmaceutical medications as they have never had anything more serious than a cough, cold or fever. It is these real anecdotes which are far more valuable than that other highly publicised one.
    I wish people would wake up to the lies and realise that there is a very real agenda to pushing these toxins into defenseless babies and children - to keep them sick and keep the cash rolling in!

    1. Here you go: .

  3. This is amazing! The very end struck a heart string with me. I say the same thing about the first time my son said "I love you mom" after we recovered him from vaccine-induced regressive autism. It was the best day of my life!

  4. I would be interesting to know why Mom was told not to breast feed. I breast fed my son 32 years ago. They encouraged it back then. Love this story

    1. She was told not to bother trying after the long separation while I was in the NICU. They also seemed to insinuate that she was "unable" to do it, whether due to her injuries from birth or her breast size or who knows what...I am unsure.

    2. I'm 36, and my mother breastfed for six weeks. I had constant vomiting, so her genius GP told her I was allergic to her milk. The vomiting continued for three types of formula and didn't resolve until they put me on soy formula. Who knows what harm that crap caused? Anyway, if breastfeeding had been properly supported in the '70s, her doctor would have known to advise a dairy-free diet. I outgrew my dairy intolerance by age three. I hope my youngest son does the same. At least he got a good foundation of breast milk.

    3. In 1975, my mom had her first child and they did not encourage breastfeeding. She really had to fight for it and use the local LLL to help with her nursing issues because the hospital couldn't help.

  5. Awesome story of you and your family. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a blessed family!!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and REAL story!

  7. Thank you for your story!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your story. My mother and aunt grew up on the regular schedule in the 60's, and 70's. By the time I came along in the 80's, my mom knew better too. We are very similar in that respect. All my cousins and my siblings and I were not vaccinated growing up, and neither are my 3 children. I was fully vaccinated at 21 because it was a "job requirement". I know better now. I started getting chronic migraines THAT NIGHT. I thought I was dying.

    Thank you for this repsonse to that horrendous article that someone else posted. The problem is, everyone tries to demonize everything everyone else does, instead of owning their parental choices, and minding their own business.

  9. Your Mom is a rock star !!! So much gratitude.

  10. Thank you Guggie for this! I am old enough to be your mom. As a daughter of a chiropractor and oldest of nine born at home from the 1940s onward, I can echo many of your beautiful blessings. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to know there are people like you in the world.

  11. OMG that is amazing! I'm convinced my oldest song is vaccines injured. He completely changed after his 18 month vaccines and after that I have refused to get any more for him. Therefore my second son is completely vaccine free. And, I get a lot of shit for it. I think it's so great what your mother did for you all and you have a beautiful family. My mother also only vaccinated my oldest either who also suffered horrible side effects and still got most the illnesses he was vaccinated for. So the rest of my siblings weren't vaccinated an do only ever got the flu once in my life, haven't been sick really other than a strep throat and a few head colds. It's crazy how much society is convinced due to all the government and media propaganda and they think families/moms like us are crazy! What's crazy is stories like my nana who got the polio vaccine given to two out of three of her children and the only child who didn't get polio was the child who wasn't vaccined. Makes you wonder how people don't see the clear and obvious damage they do to people. And what really upsets me is the disgusting comments people make saying things like "well I hope the children of those dumb ass moms for from the illness they could have prevented!" What?! So sickening. Thank you for this. It's a relief to finally here stories from people who have heir heads on straight :)

  12. Thank you for sharing! This is what a REAL reflection sounds like.

  13. It’s a shame that people are so dismissive and outright hostile to those without vaccines. Look, these were decisions your mother made because that's what she thought best. I don't see why people have to judge you for that. Disgraceful honestly.