Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homebirth. It's Life.

"Putting all the statistics and politics to the side, I want you-and I mean you, Guggie- to summarize why you birth at home the way you do. What are you scared of? What do you want from it?"

Discussing homebirth as if it is an alternative choice does put things into an awkward perspective.

The way I see it, yes. Yes, it's legitimately concerning to take into consideration the issues of birth trauma, birth injury, birth rape/abuse, secondary infection, the cost of birthing in a hospital, the odds of ending up with surgery. Those are all concerning.

They aren't the basis for birthing at home with my family. If you made hospital birth free, sanitary, emotionally safe, etc, I would still birth at home. It has nothing to do with "avoiding" another option.

I birth at home with my husband by my side because we made this baby. We made the baby together and we birth the baby together, in the quiet of our home where it all happened. No X marks the spot on the calendar, no payment brings someone to service me as if a burden or an unusual event is occurring.

The days I birth are normal, the same as any other day. The sun pokes through the blinds. The dryer makes its rickety thumping sound. I hold DH's hand and we whisper to each other, sometimes only making eye contact as we somewhat enjoy the steam rising from the pool but also feel a little sweaty and tired.

A baby arrives earthside at home. Not as an interruption to life. Not as a scheduled event. Not as a deliberate choosing or crafting. But in a quiet way, sliding through that veil into our arms as if she/he has always been in our family.

And maybe it has been always. It sure feels that way.

 Homebirth. It's not a thing, a fad, a choice. It's life.

Welcoming their baby brother into the family


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