Monday, March 24, 2014

Did Your Child Have a Reaction to the DTP/DTaP Vaccine?

I've received a couple requests to read this thread and it was heavily buried so I'm saving it here, too. If your child experienced an adverse reaction to the DTP/DTaP vaccine, feel free to comment on the blog or original FB thread. Also, remember that you can file a report with the government tracking site. If you've found this link because you are currently dealing with a potential adverse reaction, please remember to:

1) Seek medical assistance immediately if your child has any life threatening symptoms
2) Document everything. Take pictures of any visible rashes, swelling or bleeding. Save all paperwork from the vaccine visit. Attempt to get the lot number and brand name of the vaccine administered, along with the names of everyone involved.
3) Consider consulting with a vaccine lawyer if you suspect you need one or need individual information.

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  1. YES. It was 10/19/2007. My son, then almost 2 months (but not quite) woke up after 3 hours SCREAMING and it went on for 7 hours. His eyes darted around. He wouldn't nurse, or he'd start to and then just start crying. I never vaccinated again, and the other 2 children remain unvaccinated.