Monday, March 24, 2014

Shut your eyes and trust in doctors

It's interesting, isn't it?

In general, people don't entirely trust the people in their lives.

People don't trust the grandparents with their grandchildren due to parenting methods or childhood scars.
People don't trust their siblings after life long squabbles or betrayal.
People don't trust their friends after being burned by lies or gossip.
People don't always trust partners who might cheat on them or hurt them.

They certainly don't automatically trust employees in various fields.

The plumber might repair something wrong.
The grocery store might lie about food weights.
The postman might steal your gift card in the mail.
The nanny might be hitting your kids behind your back.
The cable company is overcharging you.
The credit companies are in it to make money.
The priests want to molest your children. 

And the average stranger on the street is either going to kidnap your children or mug you.

The things I just listed are generally held perceptions, generally accepted, maybe even strongly felt by many people. But, those doctors.

Trust them 100%. Trust every word they say. Don't question. That's betrayal. Don't research on your own. That's arrogance. Don't get a second opinion. That's obsession.

Trust those doctors. They love you and care only about your children and want only what's best for your children. It's lies: They aren't making money! They aren't capable of mistakes! They could never have another motive or reason for their choices.

Have we forgotten? Doctors are the grandparents, the siblings, the friends and the spouses. They are the people you walk by and drive with every day. They are human beings performing tasks for a paycheck. Sure, some might be more or less skilled and others might be more or less dedicated. But, they are not superhumans beyond reproach.

 Do not put 100% of your trust into doctors. Blind obedience is not trust anyways. Blind obedience is faith. You might consult doctors, or even listen to their recommendations, but don't worship them as demigods.

If your child's birth was interrupted, YOU and YOUR CHILD live with it forever. That doctor goes on to the next patient.
If your child is injured by a vaccine, YOU will care for your child forever. The law says vaccine companies are not liable.
If your child's circumcision is botched, it will be YOUR name signed on that contract. The doctors won't take the blame.

Just remember at the end of the day that YOU THE PARENT are the only one fully invested in caring for your child:


 No one else comes that close, not even the doctor.

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