Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Whole and Circumcised Men Speak Out (Link List)

Routine infant circumcision of baby boys covers a lot of aspects. Parents researching it want to learn about everything from diseases to function. One aspect is the opinion and experience of men who kept all their body parts and men who have lived without a functioning memory of that body part. Parents ask: What do the men have to say? The answer? A lot.

Famous men who are not circumcised:

Intact professional of the month John Geisheker J.D., who offers pro bono services to parents of baby boys harmed by forced retraction:

Quotes from men who were circumcised and hate it:

A male medical doctor discusses why circumcision is unnecessary:

I Am Circumcised And Hate It Facebook page:

Does your man feel chafing, discomfort, loss of pleasurable sensation and more due to his circumcision? He might find relief with tugging:

I am a circumcised man that hates it:

The story of David Reimer, who lost his penis due to infant circumcision, was raised as a girl and then committed suicide:

Steve hates that he was circumcised:

Circumcised Men do Complain:

Men against circumcision:

A father to two boys discusses why he didn't circumcise them:

Circumcised fathers who kept their sons intact:

A male intactivist dedicated an entire blog to the circumcision discussion:

A circumcised man shares his opinion on manhood:

From the blog
Confessions of a circumcised son:

Confessions of a circumcised man:

Confessions of an intact teen:

James talks about what he felt when he first figured it out:

Fathers are included in this regret slideshow:

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  1. While I generally agree with the point of this post, I have the same issue I tend to have with any one sided argument. You're more than proud to point to numerous men who feel they should not have been circumcised, but not a single argument from a man who wishes he was. Why? It's not like they aren't out there. In fact, I personally know 4. Yes, there are less of them, but that's because there are less grown men who weren't done. I would fair a guess that it's most likely equal percentage wise with about the same amount of men who were done wishing they weren't as there are those who wish they had been -- and the majority of them really not caring either way. Of course I don't have studies, because none to my knowledge have ever been done, but when we had sons we spoke to more than a few men on the issue to get all their opinions. For the most part, the men didn't seem to care one way or another. All of my husband's family was circed as children, none of them had strong feelings one way or another. The older generation in my family was all left un-cut, and all felt it should have been done. Their children were all done, and those who cared one way or another felt it they should have been left whole...

    In the end you don't know what preference your child will have when they grow up. And there are arguments on both sides for and against. I just wish (like with other issues) those arguing them would willingly show both sides so that those seeking information can have a good solid idea as to what the truth is before making their choice.

    1. You're right. In the end, you don't know how your son wants his body to look, feel and function. So leave cosmetic surgery up to him. If a man wants to circumcise, he can research it, choose his style, his surgeon, his pain medication, etc. I don't need to include men who want to circumcise. It's their choice and no one is stopping them.