Thursday, April 17, 2014

I said no

Shared anonymously by an American Dad:

This came to me one night at work. I typed it into my phone as fast as I could. It's not really a direct opinion of a grown man, but a guess at how he felt as a baby when it was happening.

 I said no.

They strapped me down. I couldn't move my arms or legs, they were held tight.
I said no with every ounce of strength I had, every fiber of my being.
My chest and belly heaved to get away.
The muscles in my arms and legs strained.
I felt my foreskin get ripped from my glans.
All I could do was scream... scream as hard as I could.
I felt my heart pounding inside my chest, faster and harder than ever before.
I could feel my pulse throbbing in my ears, hands, feet, everywhere.
I felt the clamp go on, I felt it tighten and pinch. Tighter and tighter.

I said no.

I am exhausted from fighting so hard, the pain is too much to bear.
My body is going into shock.
Finally, I get relief from the torture as I pass out.
When they bring me out of the room, my mom thinks I'm happily sleeping.
But she's wrong, my body has shut down.
I will never be the same again.
I am a newborn baby boy, and I am against circumcision.
I said no as loud and hard as I could.
You just didn't listen to me.

I said no.

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  1. This cuts deeply. It literally took my breath away. I've had moments in my life that I regret, but none more than the five times I chose to let this horrific description take place. When you know better, you do better. Oh how I wish I had known. Oh how it hurts my soul to know the pain and suffering I caused my poor innocent sons.