Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why I'm Birthing at the Birth Center

Jessica, hailing from the northern part of the U.S., is a first time mother. She and her husband have been researching their limited birthing options and have decided on a birth center location after some unsafe experiences with the local OBs. She felt inspired to list the positive reasons for choosing an out of hospital birth location and birth assistants.

 Many of my family members don't understand why I'm choosing an out of hospital provider and location for my birth, so I thought I'd point out a few reasons.

1) The Midwifery Model of Care believes that childbirth is a natural, healthy process that most women are capable of safely experiencing. Doctors tend to treat it as some form of sickness.

2) My midwife encourages freedom of movement. Doctors keep you in a hospital room, hooked up to IVs and don't allow much freedom.

3) I am birthing in water. Water birthing has been proven to reduce the pain (so you can have that epidural-free birth you want). It can also prevent tearing and helps soothe the mother which is beneficial to baby and mom. It can even reduce length of labor. It also provides an environment similar to the amniotic sac the baby is used to so he has a gentler arrival into the world.

4) Midwives are prepared for emergencies if they arise. My midwives are trained in neonatal resuscitation and have the appropriate equipment to manage hemorrhage. They also have more training than OBs in complications such as Shoulder Dystocia. I will also be less than a mile from our hospital if I needed a transfer for any reason.

5) Studies have proven that women are physiologically intended to birth in a familiar, comforting place surrounded by familiar faces. It reduces overall risk of complications. In a hospital setting, discomfort and anxiety could increase the risk of interventions, which all lead to increased risks of cesarean surgery.

6) My husband and I both want him to be involved in the birthing process. In our hospital, that's only allowed to a small extent. With my midwives, he will be the one catching the baby. He will be by my side the whole time.

7) And with midwives, what I've found is that they see you as a person. They help you, know your situation and will even be there for you after birth. With my doctors so far, I have felt as if I'm just another patient, just another baby being born, just a number on the paper.

There are many other reasons why I'm choosing this but these are the main ones. I thought showing you this might change your minds. I also encourage you to watch the Business of Being Born. It explains it really well and provides more research points on this topic.

©2014 Jessica C

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