Friday, June 13, 2014

We cut our son to make our lives easier.

Despite the constant discourse online about infant (male) circumcision, it seems the basics are still completely lost.

Let's get clear here.

Circumcision is the surgical REMOVAL of an ORGAN without a medical emergency present and without consent from the person.

It seems this can’t be said enough.

What is with people trying to say it’s just a snip? What part of tying a baby down to a circumstraint board and cutting off an organ is just a snip? It’s just a tiny piece of a baby’s body. Ok, we’re talking about newborns here! Everything on them is tiny anyways! Their tongue is tiny and I bet you can remove it in one snip, so let’s do it?

You could slice their tiny ears off in two seconds flat. Bonus: you won’t have the obnoxious parental responsibility of cleaning behind his ears! Problem solved! And, it might reduce ear infections! And I hear chicks dig the clean cut helmet look. Better go snip-snip his ears, right?

I mean, that's what people use to justify slicing foreskins. If you remove the foreskin organ, you won't have the obnoxious parental responsibility of bathing that one part. And, it miiiight reduce genital infection. And apparently some girls like the look of an erect penis (a circumcised penis looks like an intact, erect penis, as the foreskin often retracts back to prepare for sexual intercourse.)

Isn't this the big trio of justification for circumcision? It looks better. It's easier to clean. Future girls will love it. (Assuming he likes girls and that he wants to be sexually active, that is.)

Well, a tiny snip will take off the outer ears. He'll look better. He'll be easier to clean. And future girls somewhere will love it if you tell them enough times how nasty and smelly ears can be on a boy!

Are you still going to try to tell me you want to cut your son's genitals to reduce your parental work load?

Are you really going to sit here, trying to convince me that missing a basic body part looks better on a person? That love is only for looks? That your son has to be carved to catch a lady's eye?

Are you going to argue that if a study claims outer ear infections are potentially reduced by removing the outer ears, you'll rush to have your son's ears sliced off at birth?

Since when do submit our little babies to the risks of surgery to make our parental requirements easier? Since when do we send the message to our children that they should cut their bodies and harm themselves to fit into unrealistic, erotic, or otherwise close minded sexual ideas?
Since when do we opt for an elective (medically unnecessary, non-life-saving) surgery on babies based merely on a few heavily biased, sketchy, or very outdated studies making potential claims?

Get real. Circumcision is SURGERY. A doctor takes surgical instruments to your son's body and CLAMPS.

CUTS and
TEARS at his body.

An entire ORGAN is removed from your baby’s body during routine circumcision. This organ is part of the immune system and part of the reproductive system. And circumcision fully REMOVES it from his body. No, it’s not like cutting hair or nails. Hair and nails are DEAD cells. The prepuce organ (foreskin) is a bundle of sensitive nerves, blood vessels and immune cells. It doesn’t grow back. Once you have a doctor crush it off your baby’s body, it’s gone forever.

Circumcision isn’t a little snip. Circumcision is a permanent amputation of a multi-functional organ and leaves your son with scarring and injury. It’s time to get serious about this serious surgery and say NO to circumcision.

To learn more about circumcision, check out the resource list here:


  1. *sigh*
    NONE of those reasons are why Orthodox Jews do brit milah. They do it for the same reason they don't drive or turn lights off on shabbos. For the same reason they only eat food with an hechsher. For the same reason the married women count 7 clean days and dip in the mikvah after their period. Because Halacha (Jewish law) as interpreted by Orthodox rabbis requires it. (So pointing out that there are atheist, secular, Reform, or even Conservative Jews who don't do brit milah is not helpful. They don't follow halacha, or follow a different interpretation of it).
    I have spoken to hundreds of Orthodox women and nearly all of them say they hate it, they hate seeing their babies in pain and they would NEVER do it if it weren't required.
    And by the way it's not a doctor that does it, but a mohel.
    The "reasons" you cite, especially the last, are truly idiotic.

    1. The things you hear in the general, non-Jewish population truly do sound insane when placed in a blog post. But, they are pervasive concepts echoed by people all over the place, in public and online.

      I imagine an Orthodox Jew doesn't allow any old OB to circumcise a newborn after birth in a hospital, so the entire discussion of routine American circumcision has little to do with Jews anyways.

      Jewish intactivism articles are found here...

  2. I love this. I am so thankful that both my son and daughter have bodily autonomy.