Saturday, July 19, 2014

Block Island Organics Sunscreen Review and Giveaway

The sunscreen debate continues to rage on, but let's get realistic. Many parents still need to buy sunscreen for their children for a variety of reasons. Since the weather started to warm up, I've fielded questions daily about which sunscreen to buy, how to know what's safe, and how to balance sun exposure with sunscreen usage.

I've peered around the topic for a bit and here's what I've found:

Choose a mineral block sunscreen. Mineral blocks sit on top the skin, reflecting harmful sun rays away from the body, instead of being absorbed more rapidly into the body.

Choose zinc oxide over titanium dioxide. Both zinc and titanium are mineral blocks, but titanium has been classified as a potential carcinogenic substance and needs more study.

Avoid nano-particle ingredients. Nanotechnology is cool, but not when it comes to unnecessarily enhancing absorption of chemicals into the bodies of your developing children. A mineral block properly applied will work without this technology.

Avoid fragrances/parfum. Maybe sun-safe essential oils are fine, but be sure to avoid the chemical concoction of fake fragrances, which can cause reactions or discomfort.

Look for a brand that includes healing ingredients. Aloe vera, shea butter and the like can all be secondary supporters to moisturize and heal the body after sun exposure.

Still overwhelmed? When all else fails, turning to EWG's basic sunscreen rating guide can be a simple method to weed out the worst offenders.


Kelly over at Block Island Organics reached out to me to let me know about their line of sun care. They are a small business specifically offering non-nano mineral block. I was happy to review her product and happier to be able to recommend it to my friends. I was not compensated, and my opinion is mine alone.

The sunscreen retails for $24.99 for 6fl oz in a squeeze-dispense bottle. For comparison, the 6fl oz bottle of California Baby sunscreen is $39.99 at

The active ingredient is zinc oxide, non-nano version. It's water resistant for 40 minutes. It was smooth and simple to apply. As with most mineral blocks, especially the safer ones, it won't fully "melt" into the skin and will show some white streaking on the body.

Did it work? Absolutely. I specifically globbed some onto the right leg of my baby. You could clearly see a wiggly tan line on his calf after our time spent at the park in morning sun. I loved that it was fragrance free because our whole family is pretty intolerant of those chemical scents.


This week only, readers can use code guggie on the Block Island Organics website to save 20% off their order. Buy here:


I am also offering a bottle to one lucky winner through a rafflecopter giveaway. Follow the prompt below to enter!

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  1. I havent tried any of the products yet, but I do know I burn easily and need somthing that wont kill me! :)

  2. Oooh I've never heard of this brand! Sounds great!

  3. For me it's the chemicals in sunblock and finding safer affordable options.

  4. Let's try this again... I'm looking for safer, lower chemical alternatives for my pale kiddos :)

  5. My concern is lack of toxicity, including artificial fragrance.

  6. It is the chemicals!

  7. Biggest sunscreen concern is chemicals on my baby!

  8. We got tickets to a baseball game and needed sunscreen quickly, so on doctor recommendation, I went with California Baby. Not bad, but uses titanium dioxide. (I honestly didn't do as much research as I should have.) Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  9. The potential carcinogens are what bother me most. Or any chemical that could cause harm. I would hate to hurt my child by doing something to try to prevent harm. Thank you for the giveaway and the knowledgeable post! What a wonderful resource.