Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Senior CDC Scientist Dr. Thompson Confirms Data Omitted from Autism/MMR Study

In case you didn't notice, which you might not have, seeing as how no major media sources have picked up this breaking news, Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC, released a statement today confirming that he and his fellow researchers omitted data and that "final study protocol was not followed."

The study involved was looking at the timing of the MMR vaccine and autism diagnoses. The data removed caused 41% of participants to no longer "count" thus reducing the statistically significant findings, and allowing the researchers to continue claiming that we have no concerns when it comes to vaccination and autism.

Dr. Thompson says he worked with Dr. Hooker on this project for 10 months before Dr. Hooker released the information to the public. Several big blogs have attempted to tear apart the information, desperately trying to claim that Dr. Thompson is wrong and that the data is being manipulated to suit vaccine opponents' interests.

Unfortunately, what these vaccine defenders seem to forget is that our interest is the wellbeing and health of our children, along with a demand for scientific transparency and professional behavior from our government researchers. However much vaccine defenders want to tear apart the nuances of the omitted data, the overriding point is that it was omitted after the study, to alter the findings so that the researchers could present a particular view to the public.

To read Dr. Thompson's legal statement, see here:

To read a response regarding the CDC's attempt to justify the data omission before Dr. Thompson admitted to this act, see here:

To read the AoA statement:

Be sure to download the PDF of this study and save it for later viewing as it might go *poof*

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