Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Forgot the Science about Ferguson

I've received PMs about the Ferguson issue, people wanting to know what I think. I thought maybe instead of saying what I think, I'd tie together what the science and the numbers show. Despite the constant media coverage and thousands of people discussing this topic and related topics of police violence, government power, and racial tension, the biological story is being ignored here.

When you systematically poison, mutilate, nutritionally deprive, and abuse children intergenerationally, you are physically altering their genetic potential and impairing them in mind and body. (This is a secular post so we will ignore the spiritual and emotional aspects which are also impaired.) As this abuse is carried on cycle after cycle, passing from parents to children, and the people begin to forget their inherent potential as humans, it is no surprise that they will suffer deep consequences from these wrongs.

Let's take a look at the Ferguson/STL area and the environmental background for a minute to see what's really happening. First, they have that Westlake landfill leaking nuclear waste into their water supply and spewing toxic fumes into their air. This is simply an extension of the experimental studies Monsanto performed in the area that put toxic sludge into waterways and doused previous generations, ensuring the start of genetic mutations and cancers.

These chemicals are associated with genetic defects and mutations that can then be passed on to future children. They are associated with midline defects that harm the brain and spinal cord. They are associated with chronic illness, decreased IQ, behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, aggression and more. So the people of Ferguson and surrounding cities are growing fetuses and raising children on poisoned water and air.

Their lower income restricts their education and access when it comes to healthy living and dietary choices. They are more likely to have government subsidized options, which means pressure and even outright bullying them into compliance with mainstream medical decisions. What does this mean when we look at the snapshot of a pregnant Ferguson mama?

Let's say a person who was born there, or lived there for many years, then goes on to conceive in that area. She is genetically damaged from the area and passes those mutations onto her baby at the moment of conception. She is nutritionally deprived from her SAD, Monsanto diet. Generational abusive scripts such as poverty, racial tension, poor public education, abusive parenting, etc have made their mark on her body and mind. She might be using various substances that also pass along their consequences to the baby.

But, now she is pregnant. She goes into the little government-run clinic and what does she get? Too many ultrasounds, increasing hemispheric damage to the baby and increasing the risk of false diagnosis and increased unnecessary interventions. She is told she must consent to every single maternal vaccine available, despite there being no real studies proving their safety or efficacy during pregnancy. She might even be subjected to some experimental ones if we listen to the rumors in various underground circles. Her child's immune system is activated and altered. She doesn't feel well from this and reaches for acetaminophen as doctors say that's the only safe one to use, despite it causing a cascade of potential complications in the child ranging from autism to allergies to liver damage. So her child's mitchondrial disorder begins before birth, along with an increase in asthma and liver complications already associated with her race.

She's told to take folic acid, a synthetic version of b9 that increases her risk of cancers, a risk which is already higher than average simply because of where she lives and her family history. Because of the genetic mutations from the environmental pollutants, she and her baby can't use this form of the vitamin and remain deficient in a variety of essential vitamins, leading to the slow development of chronic, lifelong conditions.

She obeys the doctors completely, as she has never heard of other prenatal and birth options. Or if she has, she lacks any support or financial and educational ability to access those options. She goes in for her induced, rough, likely abusive and traumatizing hospital birth. She and the baby are exposed to more drugs that particularly stress their genetic damage. Her baby, already injured from prenatal exposure to things such as drugs, smoking, alcohol, vaccines, ultrasounds, and tylenol, is then exposed to various narcotics, pitocin, chlorobutanol, more tylenol, routine IV antibiotics, etc.

Finally, he is born. He is not placed on her chest. He is not allowed to meet her, to breastfeed, to bond. He's whisked away, bathed, blinded by the eye antibiotics, fully vaccinated and placed in the nursery. She's suffering from PTSD and other complications after her traumatic birth that triggers previous childhood abuse, domestic abuse and statistically, post-abortive syndromes. Her area has one of the highest abortion rates in the state due to racial inequality of targeted family services companies.

So, she lies in her hospital room for the day (before being released as soon as possible of course to save on state funding) screaming to keep the TV and lights on because she's suffering from PTSD and no one cares. Meanwhile, her son lies screaming in the nursery, given formula right away and without her consent or knowledge.

The next morning, despite his genetic background and increased risks, he is circumcised. Missouri is an orange circumcision state, boasting one of the highest circumcision rates in the entire nation at over 75%. He's separated from his mama, forced fed formula, and then mutilated.

The casual, subtle threads of his tapestry continue to weave a story of detachment, damage, deprivation and violence. His father is absent or abusive. Healthy, stable relationships are difficult in the face of poverty, low education, no job prospects and physiological damage. His mother practices severe punitive parenting due to cultural and racial influences along with struggling from her own abusive childhood.

The child is left in a crib to CIO, physically abused from early infancy onwards, is faced with abuse and neglect from caregivers. The mother is impoverished. She has to place him in a low-quality government daycare to go to work. She feeds him watered down formula, acutely increasing the span of his vitamin deficiencies and impairing the development of his brain. She leaves him in diapers for long periods, causing infections and constant pain because she cannot afford new ones and doesn't have access to cloth diapering options or someone to support her in ECing.

She remains in the system, so he is routinely vaccinated fully, without question or adaptation to his individual needs. He's considered high risk by CDC officials, so he gets all the extra or optional vaccines, too. He begins showing concerning symptoms around age 1. He isn't talking well, is very aggressive, isn't reaching physical developmental milestones even within the very broad ranges. He moves from daycare to preschool. His aggression continues, along with an inability to sit still, to work with other classmates, to follow basic instructions, and everything else that's expected in a classroom.

The mother is told to get him evaluated. He's diagnosed with ADHD. She must obey, and places him on medication for it. If that's the only thing they diagnose him with, he's lucky. Many children these days receive a whole slew of labels and are placed on 3, 4+ medications for their entire childhood. He's medicated to the hilt despite drugs being unproven for school success, he's stuck in a public school system that needed special labeling because it scored so poorly that it couldn't keep accreditation, his only option is to eat harmful, toxic, fake food daily and at home he might be undernourished.

All of his parental figures abuse him physically and emotionally, teaching him that a cycle of violence is correct in the world. His MAOA gene was damaged by the environmental exposure and then his enzymatic expression was impaired his entire life, so he is very aggressive, even prone to violence without reason.

This biological and psychological assault continues through to adulthood. He has no idea what happened to him. If he feels wounded, unloved, or if he questions his lifestyle, he probably drowns out the confusion and depression with drugs, alcohol, and sexual encounters.  He quickly amasses a police record and continues to fulfill the cycle of human violation that was forced onto him from before his birth.

We, the general we surrounding this ongoing cycle, are only too happy to play our role. It's much easier and simpler to blame the victim. It's easy to find a scapegoat. It's easy to cover up huge government failings, societal scars, environmental crises under the guise of racial fighting.

Why would we be interested in looking into the hospitals to find the abusive doctors who like to birth rape women or who refuse to update their unscientific methods? We might find the doctors in our family with blood covered hands. Or we'll find out the politicians we voted were involved. Or we'll see the scientists we admire came to harmful conclusions. Or that the products we buy and enjoy every day come from a company responsible for harming thousands.

We might notice our own failings. We might notice that our parenting needs improvement if we try to support other parents. We might have to call out large corporations and important people who have wronged all of us. We might be forced to acknowledge that pollutants such as dioxins now expose everyone around the entire globe. To help others, we would have to look at our own scars. What a tall wall to scale!

We might have to face very negative situations. We might have to look at the burning nuclear waste in a landfill and make tough decisions about what to do to save the people being exposed to it. We might have to learn how to reach out to others in our communities and provide peer to peer support for breastfeeding instead of attacking women who breastfeed in public. We might have to reach into our own pockets and wallets when we'd rather turn a blind eye and let the government continue on with its low quality offerings.

Oh, it's much simpler in a world where we ignore the science on this topic. It's much easier to cry that this is a black and white issue, forgetting that no matter what color our skin is on the outside, deep down, we all carry human DNA. We all bleed when cut, we hurt when slapped, we cry in a corner at night when our parents fight. We struggle to survive on low quality food and meager educational programs. Deep down, we're all the same when it comes to science. When we can face the #realstory about #ferguson, then we can begin healing.


  1. Interesting view, though I wonder at the assertion about circumcision. MO state Medicare does not cover the procedure and surveys show black families regularly display lower rates of circumcision overall, does it stand that this mother would not have a choice in that matter? I know it is just one piece of the puzzle you gathered, but it caught my attention.

    1. I'm not sure about regularly displaying lower rates. My understanding is the lower rates are found in Hispanic communities. But, anyways, as for the area in the article, the big baby factories have been criticized and protested heavily (to no avail) as they strongly solicit circumcisions. The general feel of the area seems to be since medicaid doesn't cover it, there's simply more money in it.

    2. Related:

    3. I think you may be confusing Medicare with Medicaid. Medicare is federally funded, while Missouri Medicaid does indeed cover circumcision. At least it did 3.5 years ago when my daughter was born.

    4. Sarah, thank you for your local input! I have read that MO is one of the dozen or so states which does not federally fund circumcision anymore, but was unaware of the state coverage. That helps to explain the sky high rates in MO!