Saturday, November 15, 2014

Secret Soup for the Sick

When children are sick, especially with the vomiting variety, you want to get some nourishing foods into them during the recovery period. But, whether from normal toddler finickiness or from recently puking their guts out, often children refuse to eat what could benefit them the most.

A mama asked me what I do when faced with children who refuse to eat healthy after being sick. I, too, have heard of the super-kids who beg for cod liver oil or happily chew on raw garlic like candy. I don't have children like this. My kids see a spoon of manuka honey and run screaming. My son says manuka honey tastes "like sparkles" for that matter. Garlic is spicy. Vitamin C is tart. Elderberry is eyed very suspiciously. And you get the picture.

So here's my secret soup recipe, tailored for tummy bugs:

1 can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup with a character they like such as Mario or Frozen. (Basically any soup you know your child loves.)

3 cups of bone broth

1 tablespoon manuka honey

4 large cloves of organic garlic: raw, peeled, crushed and minced or grated to activate the antibacterial properties

2g lipospheric vitamin C

Bring the soup and bone broth to a boil together. AFTER IT COOLS DOWN to a tepid/lukewarm level, stir in the manuka honey, garlic, and vitamin C.

If your children balk at garlic, grate it to reduce the size even more while still getting the crushed chemical reaction.

Remember to tweak according to your needs and preferences. For example, I can use one can of soup and several cups of bone broth, along with adding my own finely chopped veggies, to make a big enough pot for the whole family. The cup of soup is just enough of a concession to look appealing to the kids so they taste it, realize it's delicious, and slurp it up instantly.

You can also customize what you put into the soup. Soups will generally take a lot, such as DE for parasites, clay for detoxes, chia, fiber, flax, cell salts, elderberry syrup, OLE/OoO in powdered forms, etc. Choose what you need and mix it in to taste. The manuka honey, besides being antibacterial and healing also adds sweetness to cover any of the harsher things you add.

Are you exclusively breastfeeding a baby and want to nurse her to health? I also have a list of things to do in this case (along with links to studies on why these ingredients are helpful). Read here.


  1. An easier option is to put a cup of the soup in a blender and throw in the uncrushdd garlic. It will puree the garlic. Then add the blended soup back to the main batch. But I would also add other raw veggies to the blend first as raw veggies are so packed with vitamins and nutrients that they could usually be called superfoods

  2. Yes adding more goodies is great. I don't recommend blending bc it denatures these substances. A slow masticating juicer or cold press juicer would be excellent for making super juices. I find few picky/sick kids will drink these though.