Friday, November 7, 2014

When Big Family Comments are Reversed

Photo credit: Joanna Higgins

If you have more than 2.1 children, chances are, you've heard something strange, rude, crude, or overall inappropriate. While the chuckle and elbow poke might have been funny the first 500 times, and while you try to forgive and forget, telling yourself that you're just being sensitive and that the other person means well, in reality, many of these unsolicited comments are disrespectful and wouldn't be tolerated in another scenario.

What happens when you take some of the common quips aimed at big families and reverse them? See how many you can recognize. When it's turned around like this, how do you feel? Do you think the person asking this mom is kind? Just trying to make a friend? Secretly loving her small family but saying something silly? Do you think they are acceptable comments to random strangers? Do you think adults should say these things in front of children?

Well, I bet you're an atheist now, aren't you?

He must've been planned.

I guess you're building a figure skating family, huh!

Maybe you should try taking off your clothes once in awhile.

Are you sure she is yours?

You only have sex with ONE man?

I bet you feel empty handed!

You hands sure are empty!

I bet your husband is one unlucky guy!

Why did you only have two children?

What in the world made you stop at two?

Don't you know how unhealthy birth control is for women?

Aren't you scared of dying from your tubal ligation?

You must be so bored!

I guess you read a book on what causes that.

Maybe if you told your husband yes once in awhile...

If you would just open your legs, you'd have a larger family you know.

Women's bodies weren't made to go years without children.

You aren't trying hard enough to impress others.

Did you stop because you got an ugly one?

Doesn't your child ever feel lonely?

Hey Kid, tell your mom to get to work with your dad!

Sleep naked, it will get him interested in you.

Try spending more time with your husband, your family is too small.

You must've stopped at one to protect the environment!

Are you sure you aren't an atheist? Maybe a satanist?

I guess the Lord didn't bless you!

You must laze around all day.

It must be really quiet at your home.

I can take care of 13 kids just fine, I don't know why you'd stop at 1!

At least you're not on welfare.

I'd go insane with only one child.

I'll say a prayer that God inspires you to have more children.

I know you're not busy, so could you....

Your child is SO well behaved for being an only child! I'm surprised!

Your child can talk well for being an only child!

Wow, only one child? You look tired!

Photo credit: Nicolle Young
Gonna build your own soccer team, eh?

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