Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vaccine Damage - Safeguard your kids with Homeopathy!

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Vaccine Damage - Safeguard your kids with Homeopathy!

Classical homeopathy can be used very effectively to prevent infectious diseases, as it has been for two hundred years. A few homeopathic medicines in your travel kit can keep you safe when journeying overseas. Homeopathy can also be used in everything from dental problemsMRSA, and Lyme Disease to pet care. Homeopathy can also be used to negate the damage caused by vaccination and over-vaccination. 

Some homeopathic medicines that are very effective in negating the side effects of vaccination are SilicaMalandrinum,Belladonna,  MezeriumThujaMercury, and Sulphur. Please note, these need to be used in specific ways, typically only one at a time, and people should see a trained homeopath to treat these kinds of cases.

With homeopathy, it is important to find the exact remedy that a person needs at any particular time. It might take a bit of careful reading, or a visit to a professional homeopath, but treating a child when young can prevent all kinds of problems, and can set up a child for an active life of happiness and wellbeing. The best time to start using homeopathy is as young as possible. The two main homeopathic potencies are the Cs and the LMs. The Cs are often used in acute and first aid cases. The LMs are used by well-trained homeopaths to treat chronic conditions and they provide the advantage of improving patients from serious conditions at two to three times the speed. There are some websites with homeopathic search tools for parents and patients who are looking for a homeopathic remedy to treat general conditions.

Many of these homeopathic medicines are also useful in the treatment of autismdepressionmood disorders,ADD/ADHD, and other modern conditions, but for serious cases, one should work with a trained and experienced homeopath.

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