Saturday, September 3, 2016

Our First Day Back to School!

Last year's school photo

I've seen a variety of creative ideas for back to school photos that run from celebrating to condemning the season.

Although we emphasize child-led learning at every stage and we are "officially" life learning (a less politicized and dogmatized form of unschooling), we still choose to celebrate this season, looking at it as a positive form of social acceptance and cultural reference. The kids call it "leveling up" and are excited to post with their board.

Partially for great memories, and partially for their school portfolios, I also compile all of our learning-related photos into a yearbook using Shutterfly. It creates a beautiful, hardcover photobook that tells the story of our school year. If you search around, you can almost always find free codes!

We recently celebrated our first day back to school with a pool party, movie night, and dinner at Ihop. Everyone is excited to get into a loose but helpful structure as we prepare for the weather to switch over and the pools and splash pads to close. Our traditionally schooled friends (at home or schools) left in August so my kids are ready for a different rotation of activities and more field trips compared to the laidback days we've had in the creek, forests, and pools.

Do you take back to school photos? Or "not" back to school photos? Or do you have another kind of tradition? I'm curious to see what other alternative schoolers are doing out there!

Movie Night!

Late night pancakes! 

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