Thursday, September 15, 2016

Target Cartwheel: 50% off Suja Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

Check your Cartwheel app! Target released a 50% off Cartwheel offer for Suja juices. Even better, you can submit your receipt to Ibotta and receive a $1 rebate! If you have any peelies or tags (coupons directly placed on the product) you might snag free or NF (nearly free) juices!

They are organic, cold-pressed, and raw. I've noted two cons. One is that they are in plastic bottles. Yeah, sorry about that. Second is that some of them have a LOT of sugar. As in, 44-60 grams per serving. Those who press or slow masticate know that this can be a pitfall due to trying to make raw juice taste "good" so just keep an eye out for that. They have 3-4 options that are low sugar including a classic green bottle. I prefer the purple one as it seems to taste the best but has a moderate 6 grams of sugar. Other than that, $1 a bottle is a steal for cold-pressed, organic juices so I'm definitely not trying to nitpick!

If you don't have Ibotta yet, please consider signing up through my referral link here. It's an app where you receive direct cash back for purchasing certain items. Obviously, the trick is to get things with coupons, on sale, or items you already need. Once you reach $20, you can buy giftcards or have it transferred straight to paypal.

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