Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Poverty Script is Cunning and Clever: Do you see it?

Think about a woman you highly regard. Someone you consider amazing, someone you admire. Perhaps you love her deeply and want to be like her. Perhaps you think she's saved lives or changed lives. 

Maybe she's a celebrity. A saint. Maybe even your mother. Maybe your mom died, and you'd give anything to see her again, the woman you've loved above all other women on this planet.

Imagine this woman is sitting across from you at your kitchen table. She's smiling at you. She says she has time to eat with you and visit.

Your children are peeking around the corner, watching, wondering who this lady is and learning how to be polite and host a meal by watching your behavior. Who is she? What value does she hold? They wonder silently as they throw toys around the living room.

Now, you place before her:

A dirty plate, with some leftover spoonfuls of cold mac n cheese that your toddler discarded. You hand her a dirty Paw Patrol spoon covered in something sticky that you hold gingerly w/ two fingers.

And a cold cup of cheap, contaminated coffee with fake sugar and 1% cheap milk in it.

Then you tell her to eat it in 20 seconds because you don't have time to chat before getting back to laundry and dishes. You'd never dream of doing this to someone you love. You'd probably never even do it to someone you despise for that matter.

Now, if this picture has sunk in with familiarity for you, I want you to hold that image and take it past 101, to the step I've been talking about for awhile:

Imagine you look down at that mac n cheese and say, "Carbs are bad! Grains are bad!" So you throw it away and tell her to intermittently fast instead. As she gapes at you, speechless, you quickly explain that carbs are the true reason she's fat now and that grains contain GMOs. "You'll feel wonderful if you just fast instead!"

Imagine you look at the coffee and say, "Coffee is bad! It's an addiction, a weakness of character!" So you pour the coffee into the sink and tell her to quit cold turkey. You remind her that OTC pain medications are unhealthy, so she will need to chew on a raw piece of ginger while she's fasting the next few days to get through the shakes and migraines from withdrawal.

THAT moment... hold THAT right there....THAT is what I'm talking about when I try to discuss things such as deprivation, restriction, and poverty scripting for parents. You think eliminating food groups is superior, but IT is MORE of the SAME. You think going onto a restrictive, difficult diet such as keto is healthier, but IT is MORE of the SAME. You think labeling your behaviors, desires, tastes as, "addictions" is called being enlightened. But IT is MORE of the SAME.

Now you can see in context how elimination, restriction, and deprivation are not nourishing or loving. It is tightening the buckle down more.

The transformation to abundance means choosing nourishing, delicious, good tasting foods that bring you happiness and satiation. It means sitting down and slowly appreciating your food, being aware of the tastes, sounds, smells, and textures of it as you let your digestive system prepare to process it.

It means finding a fair trade, organic coffee and using a moderate amount of cleaner sugar or stevia if you prefer it and a creamer that tastes smooth with a few ingredients. It means making it piping hot, and telling your children they can, indeed, wait 5 minutes for you to enjoy a cup while you watch the sun rise or listen to the songbirds outside or catch up on a newspaper.

 Look again at what's happening in the natural world, because it is NOT part of our true community and it will NOT bring true healing.

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