Thursday, September 15, 2016

Target Cartwheel: 50% off Suja Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

Check your Cartwheel app! Target released a 50% off Cartwheel offer for Suja juices. Even better, you can submit your receipt to Ibotta and receive a $1 rebate! If you have any peelies or tags (coupons directly placed on the product) you might snag free or NF (nearly free) juices!

They are organic, cold-pressed, and raw. I've noted two cons. One is that they are in plastic bottles. Yeah, sorry about that. Second is that some of them have a LOT of sugar. As in, 44-60 grams per serving. Those who press or slow masticate know that this can be a pitfall due to trying to make raw juice taste "good" so just keep an eye out for that. They have 3-4 options that are low sugar including a classic green bottle. I prefer the purple one as it seems to taste the best but has a moderate 6 grams of sugar. Other than that, $1 a bottle is a steal for cold-pressed, organic juices so I'm definitely not trying to nitpick!

If you don't have Ibotta yet, please consider signing up through my referral link here. It's an app where you receive direct cash back for purchasing certain items. Obviously, the trick is to get things with coupons, on sale, or items you already need. Once you reach $20, you can buy giftcards or have it transferred straight to paypal.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Tuna, Vaccines, and Fillings

One of the biggest mistakes people make is looking only at one toxin, one path of injury, or one environmental factor. It's a big mistake I call the "one myth." Don't fall for the mistake of "one toxin, one danger, one exposure." We damage transgenerationally, from one generation to the next, while living in an accumulative and multi-faceted environment.

Some common statements that fall into the one myth include:

"Well, my child is vaccine free and still has XYZ condition." (What about previous generations?)
"He only had one vaccine."
"She had antibiotics one time and I gave her probiotics."
"He's never, ever used fluoride products but his teeth show fluorosis."
"If it's true that this toxin/vaccine/medicine/method causes damage, then all kids would be hurt!"

It's all about how many cards are stacked in one direction. We've discussed this with a few other examples. For reference, see my article on MTHFR and circumcision here. Another one about FASD is here. I call this situation an "epigenetic cascade" since it frequently involves multiple systems and levels from the cellular to metabolic and from the immune system to the digestive system.

Those of you who have researched birth choices in our society recognize a birth example of a cascade: When the woman enters the hospital too soon, she ends up consenting to medically contraindicated pitocin, which then requires epidural anesthesia to withstand. This can develop into a downward spiral where she is rushed off to the OR for an emergency c-section. The idea of epigenetic cascades is similar.

When it comes to a cascade, if the person cannot see the many puzzle pieces and how they fit together, tracing the path back through the multiple factors to begin healing is difficult if not impossible.

I have another example for you today.

Here's your case profile: Take a mother who was vaccinated in the 70s, 80s, or even early 90s. Remember that ethylmercury in the product called thimerosal was used in pretty much all standard vaccines until thimerosal was slowly phased out starting in the late 90s. Ethylmercury is a specific form of mercury, different from what's in your tuna, with very little medical literature available to assure us of its safety. It was grandfathered in (let in the back door without stringent safety research) decades ago. You can read more about thimerosal here.

So anyways, here's this woman who got all her ethylmercury-containing vaccines. She also went to the university for a college education and perhaps she works in the healthcare industry, education industry, food industry, government sector/military, etc. This means she received recent vaccines for college and her job, so she was exposed to ethylmercury and then later exposed to various forms of aluminum.

As is normal for the majority of U.S. citizens with some level of health insurance, she has several silver amalgam fillings, which contain mercury. Research continues to show that these silver fillings emit mercury vapors. Additionally, because she is pregnant after a lifetime of SAD (Standard American Diet) and receives inadequate or no dietary education from her OBGYN, her teeth are starting to experience enamel hypoplasia, releasing small chunks of the fillings. This leads her dentist to encourage new mercury fillings during pregnancy, assuring her that they are safe. She consents.

The CDC now tells healthcare workers that all pregnant women regardless of family history, medical history, or any other epigenetic or health factors, must receive the flu vaccine and TDaP vaccine during each pregnancy no matter how many pregnancies she has or how close together. You can read the CDC's statement here. It's important to note that several brands of the flu vaccine contain thimerosal (49% ethylmercury).

If the woman is very knowledgeable and a strong advocate, she will know to request thimerosal-free flu vaccines. She doesn't know there's a difference and her doctor doesn't mention it, so she receives the brand that contains 25-26mcg of ethylmercury. Or let's say she does know and she fights for a mercury-free version, but her doctor tells her that supplies are limited and only the mercury version is available, so she relents. Her doctor also stocks the the TDaP vaccine that still has trace amounts (up to .5mcg) of ethylmercury in it, along with a heavy dosage of aluminum far beyond the EPA safety limit. The two heavy metals might react synergistically, but she isn't informed about this. She gets all the suggested vaccines during pregnancy.

She gives birth to a baby without obvious incident. Her child shows signs of mild midline defects such as tongue tie, sacral dimples, a deviated septum, and rib cage abnormalities. She is unaware that these small differences mean anything and none of the health care providers involved with the birth or post-partum care are educated on the topic, or otherwise don't tell her. She consents to the CDC's standard childhood vaccination schedule, so her newborn receives multiple vaccines roughly every 2 months from birth onwards. This includes some brands that still have trace amounts of ethylmercury and hundreds of micrograms of aluminum in various forms.

Her child also receives tylenol before, during, and after his routine circumcision. You can read more about why tylenol is specifically damaging here. And around 6 months, she begins to supplement with formula and slowly weans him off human milk. He's exposed to synthetic vitamins, high levels of fluoride, aluminum, BPA, and perchlorate from the fluoride and tapwater.

As her child reaches age 1, he displays enamel hypoplasia and erosion in his baby teeth. This is a common issue due to a variety of factors such as dioxins accumulated in her milk, fluorosis from exposure to fluoride products, and the uterine exposures we just listed. She seeks help online and some people try to tell her that the tongue tie somehow caused it instead of rightly recognizing that they are comorbid conditions from all the factors we've discussed here, so she takes her child in to get the tongue tie surgically removed. She's instructed to give her 1 year old tylenol before and after the surgery for pain management so he experiences more liver damage and immune system damage.

She wants to be healthy on a budget and get her body back. So she eats 1-2 servings weekly of tuna during her pregnancy and continues after her baby is born. She quickly begins feeding her toddler tuna, too. Tuna contains high amounts of methylmercury, even higher than previously believed.

What is the outcome? What do you see in this cascade? Do you understand now why saying something such as, "If vaccines were so bad, all children would have autism" is scientifically absurd? Do you understand now why some kids have seizures and some do not? Why some children are covered head to toe in eczema and others are not? Our bodies are not all the same. Our lives are not all the same. Our mothers, grandmothers, and ancestors are not all the same. Our medical conditions are not all the same. Our diets are not all the same.

Our medicine should never be all the same.
Don't fall for the "one myth" when it comes to epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and your child's individual lifetime exposure to toxins and medical interventions.

"Generally, the results indicate that prenatal exposure to metallic vapor causes alterations to both spontaneous and learned behaviours, suggesting some deficit in adaptive functions. Coexposure to methylmercury, which by itself did not alter these functions at the dose given in this study, served to significantly aggravate the changes."

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Our First Day Back to School!

Last year's school photo

I've seen a variety of creative ideas for back to school photos that run from celebrating to condemning the season.

Although we emphasize child-led learning at every stage and we are "officially" life learning (a less politicized and dogmatized form of unschooling), we still choose to celebrate this season, looking at it as a positive form of social acceptance and cultural reference. The kids call it "leveling up" and are excited to post with their board.

Partially for great memories, and partially for their school portfolios, I also compile all of our learning-related photos into a yearbook using Shutterfly. It creates a beautiful, hardcover photobook that tells the story of our school year. If you search around, you can almost always find free codes!

We recently celebrated our first day back to school with a pool party, movie night, and dinner at Ihop. Everyone is excited to get into a loose but helpful structure as we prepare for the weather to switch over and the pools and splash pads to close. Our traditionally schooled friends (at home or schools) left in August so my kids are ready for a different rotation of activities and more field trips compared to the laidback days we've had in the creek, forests, and pools.

Do you take back to school photos? Or "not" back to school photos? Or do you have another kind of tradition? I'm curious to see what other alternative schoolers are doing out there!

Movie Night!

Late night pancakes! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Target Cartwheel Vitamix Stack! New 10% off Cartwheel + Vitamix Clearance! Add now!

Have you been stalking the Vitamix models at Target? The Professional Series 200 went on official clearance a couple weeks ago! They are currently holding at $307 in my region. (Remember that clearance timing and tiers varies by location.) That's over $100 off the original price. And if they stay put long enough, they will get marked down again and again.

I confirmed the markdown in my region on August 19th, and
confirmed it's still standing at $307 last night. So I'm hopeful the next
markdown will occur this week!

Even better, Target Cartwheel released an offer specifically for 10% off Clearance Small Kitchen Appliances. If you find a Vitamix on clearance, you can stack the Cartwheel offer to save even more. This Cartwheel expires on September 9th, so if you are in the market for a new Vitamix, be sure to check out the clearance at Target ASAP. Also remember to add the Cartwheel offer to your list right away since popular offers can be limited.

Remember the #1 Slick Dealing Rule: NEVER CALL ON A DEAL! You need to step into your local store(s) to scope out the potential clearance for yourself. Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How every parent is hurting their child in the car and how to fix it

We talk extensively about carseat safety and driving safety on this blog. One area we haven't discussed yet is the issue of lordosis and kyphosis in developing skeletal systems.

One thing parents realize in the carseat debate is how children have developing skeletal systems. This is one of the main reasons rearfacing to the max of your carseat limits is important. Ossification begins around age 4 and is fairly complete around age 6.

This means proper posture is also important for shaping our children's spines. And carseats for most children are a daily, accumulative experience that can shape their spines for better or worse.

First, when purchasing a carseat at any stage (infant, toddler, preschool, etc) it's important to make sure the seat provides ample room for the hips and shoulders. Narrowing and lengthening the legs during infancy and early toddlerhood can increase complications related to hip dysplasia besides causing discomfort. Fortunately, most seats on the market have updated to provide a wide, cocoon shape much like a baseball glove that encourages a neutral spine position when rearfacing.

Incidentally, the issue of spinal health is also another reason to stay committed to rearfacing for as long as possible. When forwardfacing, the child's legs dangle. This has a tendency to encourage the pelvis to tilt forwards and downwards, following the weight of the legs and feet. This will cause increased lordosis of the lower back, which is a common modern lifestyle issue that can cause chronic lower back pain. Although your small child might only be complaining about pins and needles or feeling sore in the hips, being forced to sit forward prematurely every day can potentially mold the spinal cord into an unhealthy position, setting your child up for a lifetime of complaints.

*Before I continue, I want to note that projectiles in the vehicle are a valid concern and to research the topic of projectiles. Keeping your car clean and any moving objects secured is important to make sure they don't fly into your child during a vehicle collision. Using books and electronic devices in the vehicle is a controversial topic. Some CPSTs and carseat advocates promote a zero tolerance approach. Others feel the risks are small and having an occupied child is also important. This is something you as a parent need to research and conclude on for your own family. Since the majority of families I work with do use books and electronic devices, I want to address how to do this while promoting optimal spinal health.

When a child is sitting in her carseat, both forward facing and rearfacing, the natural tendency is to drop the book or device down onto her lap to rest it there. This causes the head, neck, and shoulders to follow course, drooping forward and tilting downwards.

The child could potentially hold this position for hours, especially during long trips or back and forth commutes. Young children are unlikely to periodically check themselves, lifting their heads up to stretch and reposition the spine and muscles. Instead, they tend to hyperfocus and remain in one position for long periods of time while their attention is on the book or device.

Think about how much time children spend in a carseat, and how long they might keep their shoulders bunched, neck straightened, and head tilted down! We are talking about a major factor in their spinal health here. As the child hunches forward and leans his neck down, his vertebrae are straightening out. This loss of cervical curve has long term consequences, including chronic migraines, tingling in the arms, and reduced muscle strength in the core and neck.

Even worse, a fresh study from February found that people with a loss of good lordosis (curvature) in their necks had smaller vertebral arteries. This means their brains are receiving a restricted blood supply. I don't even have to spell out why this is a danger to your child's developing brain!

Besides the potential damage to the development of their spines, tilting the head forward is a specific risk in a vehicle. If a child is sitting against the harness and out of the shell of the seat when a collision occurs, their head, neck, and shoulders might experience an increased jolt and move a farther distance before impacting with the carseat. So not only is this position hurting your child chronically, it can also increase acute, severe injuries if you get into a car accident!

What can you do when it comes to carseats and spines? Bring a pillow pet, or any related stuffed animal or small blanket that easily bunches up into a pile. It's cheap, simple, and easily accepted by the child. Place the item on their lap so they can rest the device onto the item. This raises their book or device up higher, allowing them to return to a neutral spine position. This works for rearfacing and forwardfacing children. Here are some before and after photos:

This rearfacing toddler is showing a down ward tilt that involves his head, neck, and upper back:

 With the pillow pet, he immediately returns to a neutral spinal posture, aligning his neck and back again.

Here is a forward facing elementary aged child showing a typical head tilt to read:

With the simple addition of a pillow pet, she automatically moves her head back and releases the tension in her shoulders and chest:

Remember: Protect their necks: grab a pet! You can view this topic in vlog form here:

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Art of Patient Parenting: It's Time to Say Goodbye to Instant Gratification

We have lots of names for parenting methods in the natural world. Gentle parenting, attached parenting, non-punitive parenting, respectful parenting, Christ-based parenting, positive parenting... the list goes on and on!

I've used many of these labels before, but they seem to miss the deeper truth. And sometimes, I've come across parents trying to parent to the label, with good intentions. But again, it misses something.

Yesterday, I was reflecting on this missing element. I think it's patience. Patience, perseverance, foresight. These things are fading away in our society of instant gratification. When we think of instant gratification, our minds might wander to things such as expecting beautiful latte art a minute after ordering at a drive thru, expecting a big document to download immediately, and expecting access to ten seasons of a TV show instantly without any commercials or lag.

That's not the downside to instant gratification. That's not what worries me. This way of living in the here and now is damaging to certain higher ideals, such as marriages, good wine, and fulfilling careers. Even more so, has anyone noticed the art of patience belongs in the very depths of parenting? Our society glorifies instant gratification in parenting.

We are conditioned to believe that children must obey, and NOW. Children must be born perfect, they must perform perfectly, and it must happen right this moment. To delay is to fail. If I tell my child it's time to go, then that means RIGHT NOW. I am supposed to tell my children to stop that crying this MINUTE. Get up off the ground at the count of THREE SECONDS. Jump the MOMENT you hear my voice. Get over whatever IT is and do as I say IMMEDIATELY.

When parents decide what is right or good for a child, they then set about on a path to achieve that as soon as possible. Not only in the day to day parenting with threats, bribes, and even direct physical hitting, but also for bigger skills through lessons, tutors, remedial classes and exercise. It all becomes a flurrying reality for the child so that a skill or behavior is incorporated as soon as humanly possible.

And children for the most part can do this. That's not what I'm denying. If you tell a child to stop crying RIGHT NOW and you enforce that with glares, threats, even physical pain, most children can stop crying RIGHT NOW. Did anyone ask if that's really the path we want to take as parents, though? What are we losing to gain instant satisfaction?

The art of patient parenting is about looking at the process itself and paying attention to the long term more than the short term performance. It's about realizing that children are people today, and they are aging slowly and deliberately, coming into their own place in the universe. Our NOW NOW NOW expectations might be attainable, but at what cost?

As summer slowly ebbs into autumn and the leaves begin to drift down into the swimming pool, I sit here, reflecting on one such incident where patient parenting bore fruit. See, at the beginning of summer, my four year old son could happily climb into the shallow end of the pool in his life jacket and briefly dip his face into the water. I knew he had inside him the ability to do more. As his parent, I knew with confidence that he was capable of swimming independently, not only by his age and stage but also his innate abilities. I acknowledged that, but instead of giving into the desire for instant gratification, I set about to discipline myself some more on the art of patient parenting.

The thing about patient parenting is that it's as much about the gradual development of the parent as it is about the child. I spent the entire summer patiently taking my children to the pool nearly every day. I disciplined myself, working hard to provide a fun, relaxed environment so that he was excited to get into the pool consistently. I dedicated myself to getting up off that relaxing lounge chair and into the chilly water, playing with him instead of barking orders at him. His development inched forward, led by his internal motivation. Which is the best motivation in the world. It's the one we as parents need to realize is worth unlocking and worth protecting at all costs.

As the days went by, he shed his lifejacket. He moved from a dog paddle to full strokes. He started dipping under the water for dive sticks. Soon enough, he was itching to cross the rope to the 10ft area. I again had to discipline myself, to watch him, to prevent any anxiety from seeping over to him. And then it happened. One day, he saw DH diving into the water and asked to learn this "trick" as he called it. And my husband stood on the edge, giving him basic pointers. And my four year old vaulted head first into 10ft of water as if he had been told to learn it NOW and to do it this way IMMEDIATELY and to OBEY ME.

But, that's where the similarity to instant gratification diverged. As his head popped up out of the water, his eyes wide as saucers, practically glowing with joy, he shouted out, "I DID IT! Mama, I DID IT!" He did it. For him. In his own way. On his own time. The final piece of patient parenting is realizing this isn't about you or for you. You're not raising a child to obey your every whim or comply to your every interest and need. You're in it for the long haul of dedication, of serving a little person as he slowly and painstakingly unwraps who he is and what he can do on his own terms and for his own benefit.

 The two outcomes appear the same on the surface. If you tell a child to listen to you and spank her a few times, chances are, she will listen to you. If you remind a child two thousand times, chances are, she will listen to you. Parents make a mistake when they only look at the surface outcome. They want that instant gratification and deem it as the most valuable aspect of parenting. But, what are they missing? What are we losing? Who are we breaking in our mad dash to get what we want when we want it?

When we short circuit a child's development, this includes impairing the growth of physical coordination to perform a task. It means running roughshod over the cognitive organization to problem solve. It means jumping ahead of the emotional maturity to process stress. It means throwing a wrench into the steady advancement of executive functioning skills to properly complete everything. Living in the here and now as parents means we are depriving our children of deep, long lasting self-actualization in their own lives.

We are receiving a hit of instant gratification at the expense of our children's futures! On the surface, instant parenting and patient parenting look similar and parents might ask, why should I waste my time helping a child ten thousand times over and over again? She needs to do what I say RIGHT NOW.  I know she can do it! She just needs to respect (fear) me and be made to do it. And this way of thinking misses out on every moment of the process.

This is forgetting that we are working with people. We are forging a life long relationship with someone who just learned to speak our language and is still trying to understand why water is wet and why her balloon floated away. This way of viewing the world looks at the very beginning of the race, right at the starting line, and forgets to set a healthy and successful pace for the next 26km.

Our need for instant gratification is dissolving the edges and contrasts of life. It's removing the beauty and meaning of growing together with others. We're chugging down a $3 bottle of wine and saying it's the same as a decades-old Chateau Latour. It's all wine! Give it to me NOW! This is a problem because our thirst for immediate satiation in parenting involves immature, unprepared, unique people who depend on us in acute ways when they are young.

This isn't as trifling as arguing over vintage wines. This is arguing over the human journey, the very moments in daily life that shape every one of our neural connections, that etch wounds and love into the fabric of our being.

When we start to value people over instant gratification, we will recognize why helping someone ten thousand times is the more loving and wiser path. When we start to understand the life long implications of building healthy habits, emotionally validating others, and creating multi-faceted skills versus immediate obedience, we will stop craving instant gratification from our children's performances and start looking for those little moments in life that seem to go on forever as they slowly weave together a strong, beautiful tapestry in the lives of our children. We're in this for the long haul, so don't run yourself breathless in the first mile.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

YOU are the killer and it's time to admit it

Things are getting pretty intense lately. Several states have enacted or are attempting to enact increased mandatory vaccination laws. Some people, such as famed Paul Offit who receives royalties from one of the vaccines on the CDC childhood schedule, are even joining a campaign called "Let Them Live" that could have children removed from homes for not fully vaccinating.

The vitriol on social media is thick. If you don't vaccinate (or if you simply are researching, or partially vaccinating, or waiting to see if your child is healthy enough to withstand vaccination) you are pretty strongly harassed. I'm not talking merely about the namecalling and death threats. You can even find pages dedicated to hunting you down and reporting you to your employer, or people joining together to make multiple CPS reports on you.

With all the action and focus, vaccines must be THE hot topic, eh? I mean, we must be hemorrhaging as a country. And yet, a quick look at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, you know, the official, reliable, government resource for those who are pro-vaccine) shows us this isn't the case.

What IS the leading killer in the U.S. of children?

Let's see what the CDC has to say:

"Motor vehicle crashes kill more children in the United States than
any other cause of death. In 2011, more than 800 children aged

14 years and younger died in motor vehicle crashes1

and almost 180,000 more were injured as motor vehicle passengers2. 

Most motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries are predictable and preventable." 

~CDC National Action Plan (PDF here.)

So, in 2011, the CDC counted 800 children's deaths and about 180,000 injuries from "predictable and preventable" car accidents. (This is referring to things such as texting and driving, drinking and driving, using prescription medications and driving, or driving while drowsy. All of these together are what NHTSA and CDC call "distracted driving.")

Let's take a quick look at the CDC numbers for measles cases in 2011. We'll go with measles here because it was prominently displayed in the media and it's one of the vaccine diseases that has a higher number of cases. This is an attempt to be fair and brief. You're welcome to research the CDC's MMWR yourself to find out statistics for other diseases.

For 2011, the CDC reported 220 cases and 0 deaths.

So in 2011, while 800 children were being killed on the roads, most of them due to "predictable and preventable" reasons, there were 220 total cases (including ADULTS) of non-fatal measles.

Parents, let me step out of my comfort zone here for moment to say something.

What the ever living FUCK. Yes, a FUCK is more than warranted here! This is pure and total bullshit, Parents! Put on your damn thinking caps! Take off the pro-vaccine tinfoil hats!

Our children are being maimed and slaughtered daily on the roads through what the CDC calls "predictable and preventable" ways. But we are being encouraged to freak out over vaccines? Or any odd story. How many of you shook and cried and gasped at the boy drowned by the alligator? How many of you got into a discussion on social media about the boy dragged around by the gorilla? How many of you know about that DAMN NAP NANNY RECALL that killed 6 children while being used improperly?!!

By the way! Idaho's carseat law is still outdated by decades
and only requires an infant rearfacing to age 1/20lbs!

We have officials such as Offit promoting campaigns and laws that could lead to having your children removed from your care if you don't fully vaccinate.

We have people calling for non-vaccinating families to go to jail. We have a group on Facebook the other day organizing to hunt down people who don't vaccinate and harass their employers so they lose their jobs! 

And all the while, our children are being MAIMED AND KILLED through "PREDICTABLE AND PREVENTABLE" car accidents!

Don't let them distract you! Don't let them manipulate your parental anxiety or waste your parental energy. Even if you are pro-vaccine, or partially vaccinate, look at the numbers. By sheer numbers and commonality alone, your anxiety and RAGE should be a thousand fold higher when it comes to car accidents.

Ask yourself this: are you rationally and thoroughly assessing the actual risk for your children? We have people rolling "mandatory vaccination laws" off their tongues without wincing. And yet children's deaths from car accidents alone are higher than the number of TOTAL non-fatal measles cases in the same year.

I have some straight up heavy hits to put on a plate for you people out there who have spent years mocking, harassing, or otherwise invalidating those who choose to keep their children's immune systems intact.

If you support compliant vaccination for all children, but you don't rearface to the absolute max of the seats on the market (50lbs/52"), you are a bamboozled hypocrite.

If you support compliant vaccination for all children, but you don't put your phone into the glovebox every time you drive, you are a hypocrite.

If you support compliant vaccination for all children, but you get behind the wheel while on prescription medication or painkillers, you are a hypocrite.

If you support compliant vaccination for all children, but you drive your car while feeling drowsy/tired, then you are a hypocrite.

If you support compliant vaccination for all children, but you get into your vehicle after drinking alcohol, then you are a hypocrite.

If you call antivaxxers dangerous to society, you are a hypocrite.

If you want "antivax parents" to have their children removed and forcibly vaccinated, you are a hypocrite.

YOU driving in your car distracted, tired, or drugged and drunk are the DANGER to society!



It didn't get better since 2011.

In 2013, the CDC reported 1,149 children's deaths. And 200 of them were caused directly by drunk driving.

In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) partnered with the CDC and urgently reported a sharper increase in deaths. They predict 2016 will be even worse.

The kicker? The NHTSA is saying cars have never been safer, and that these statistics are due to driver behavior!


When you drive distracted. When you drive impaired. When you fail to use the correct seat for your children and fail to buckle them in correctly. When you fail to get your seats checked for expiration and recalls. YOU ARE THE KILLER.

It's time to admit it. The NHTSA estimates we will break the 40,000 mark this year. (Read more from right here.)

That is to say, our government estimates that over FORTY THOUSAND PEOPLE will die this year alone from mostly "predictable and preventable" car accidents.

You want mandatory laws? You want parental rights restricted? Let's see you drop the hypocrisy and apply it to something maiming and killing thousands annually. You're the killer and it's time to admit it.

Here's my challenge to you, Parents! The next time you read a scary headline about some obscure, rare or strange event and feel your heart pounding, feel dizzy or sick, start to cry , etc. Take all of that anxiety, adrenaline, fear, and grief AND PUT IT INTO THE BACKSEAT OF YOUR VEHICLE!

  1. Rearface your children to the maximum height and weight limits allowed by the seat.
  2. Harness your child forward facing and booster train them.
  3. Keep them in a booster until they pass the 5 step test as tweens.
  4. Have your seats checked by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)
  5. Buckle your children in correctly EVERY TIME.
  6. Put your phone in the glovebox EVERY TIME.
  7. Never drive drowsy, drunk, or drugged.
  8. Tell other parents! Participate in events! Share links!
And this part is for the pro-vaccine trolls out there. The ones who visit my page to comment on vaccine articles. The ones who PM my parent friends and harass them. The ones who run violent or harassing pages and groups. I've noticed something. You're primarily male, white, 20-30 years old and appear childless.

Do you know what demographic that is for car accidents? Yep, you guessed right.

YOU are killing our children! And not only do you feel entitled to drive your vehicle unsafely, to potentially maim and kill innocent children. You also feel entitled to force parents to sacrifice their children for the "good of the herd" by which, let's not beat around the bush really mean my children are to be sacrificed for YOU. On the roads and in the doctor's office.

You, sirs, are malignant narcissists.