Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great Pumpkins are Arising!

It's been an artistic week on the "blogernet." I've come across many beautiful pumpkins.

Birth Stories on Demand graced us with a birthing compilation:

We have this stunning photo that won the Pro-life Pumpkin contest:

The original photo shows 21 week Sam holding the hand of his surgeon, who successfully closed his spinal cord after a Spina Bifida diagnosis.
Here is a lovely depiction of a pre-born baby snuggled in the womb by Rixa, a free-birth advocate:

Don't forget Umbert the Unborn, masterfully carved by Jen Pagano: (

Next Job Description: Mommy gave us a beautiful International Breastfeeding Symbol:

Justin S. even made an anti-war pumpkin:

But something was missing. Which is usually the case with this issue. And so DD (Dear Daughter) and I decided we should remind people on the spookiest night of all...

The more you know,
the SPOOKIER it gets!

Happy Hallowe'en!