Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cause He's Amazing, Just the Way He is...No Cutting Required!

So you know the common statements in regards to infant circumcision, where the mothers publicly fixate on the eroticism and sexual appeal of their sons' penises, justifying circumcision because they claim it makes their baby penises prettier, sexier, more attractive, etc?

First, yes. Gag me, it's beyond comprehension not only how parents can openly promote surgery on infants for erotic reasons, but also how our society condones this. I'm quite sure if a father posted a Facebook status about getting his newborn daughter "done" because circumcised women are sexier, he'd be lit on fire in the streets and make national news.

But back to the point of this status. When people hear these mothers spouting off these sexually abusive comments, they tend to say things such as, "The penis isn't attractive anyways" or "Genitals aren't beautiful" or "It's not like the penis is something to look at."

Let's get something right here.

Every single part of your child is beautiful. Every part is complex, unique and highly functioning in design and intent. Nothing on your child is ugly or unappealing.

When mothers push surgery on their infants for reasons of eroticism, the correct response is to remind them that their sons are already perfect, already beautiful, already attractive and already wonderful exactly as they are in normal biological form.

When mothers talk about circumcised penises looking "sexier" the appropriate response is to remind them that circumcised penises appear more attractive to them because a circumcised penis is in a permanently erotic state.

See, when the normal penis prepares for sexual activity, the prepuce (foreskin) will glide back, revealing the glans. Boys with normal penises aren't lacking any form of human beauty; it's there, covered and waiting for when they are ready and not when their parents want to forcefully expose them with surgery.

Don't let your disgust over common circumcision statements cloud your judgment in a debate. The body is beautiful, no slicing, snipping, or cutting required.

Let's remind mothers that their sons are unconditionally lovable, beautiful and perfect the way they are from the start. We want our girls to hear this, why not our boys?

When I see your son

There's not a thing that I would change
'Cause your son is amazing
Just the way he is...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Where are the Fathers?

This Father's Day, consider a gift that touches on something deeper than grilling brats or fishing.

The long-awaited documentary about fathers in the birth industry is on a special pre-release until June 21st just for celebrating Father's Day. You can purchase it here and download it instantly. You can also see the trailer here on youtube.

Where are the fathers? What role do they play? If you look around in our culture, fathers seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to parenthood. On television and in movies, they are often depicted as bumbling fools, incompetent, superficial, uninvolved, self-absorbed or altogether non-existent. And that's merely for every day life.

Examples aren't hard to find!
Add in the intense, life changing event of birth and companies attempt to one-up themselves creating male characters seen screaming, crying, fainting or running from the hospital room. Perhaps most accurate of all, however, are those companies who show the birth industry's reaction to the father's presence, and how hospital staff determine the father's involvement and hierarchy. Take Nissan's recent commercial as a great summary:

Janel, creater of the documentary The Other Side of the Glass brings us into the shocking, depressing state of fatherhood at birth. Including interviews from men discussing the birth of their children along with eye opening birth footage and expert analysis, she seeks to spread awareness about those we've forgotten perhaps more than the mama and baby: the fathers. Her documentary, triggering as it might be for some, is a MUST SEE for every pregnant woman and her partner as they prepare to birth in our country.


Purchase this documentary on a special pre-release until June 21st here.


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It's Never Vaccination

Name withheld upon request.

This is Ania's story.

My daughter suffered from several reactions to her vaccines. Whether or not she was predisposed to reacting I will never know as our country doesn't test children before vaccinating, but I did talk over my family history of seizures with her doctor who claimed that didn't matter.

At her 2 month shots she suffered a mild case of post vaccinal encephilitis. I say mild only because she didn't die and her actual head size didn't change. She was in immense pain and screamed for 6 hours straight the night of the shot. Nothing would calm her, not even breastfeeding. I went to the doctor, alarmed, but she claimed it was mere coincidence. Looking at her medical records now it literally states, "Mother complains of fussy baby" yet I went in there hysterical, demanding she tell me what was wrong. This was NOT a "fussy baby" but a very sick baby.

After the vaccines she also suffered a temperature between 101 degrees and 104 degrees for a month straight with no other symptoms. The doctor brushed this off as "nothing." The screaming didn't stop by the way. She continued to scream 4+ hours a day until she was 15 months old. At her 4 month visit I said I did not want to vaccinate her because of her reaction the first time.

The doctor told me again that she didn't have a reaction, that I was young and uneducated and I needed to just trust her. After nearly an hour of bullying I caved in and consented to more vaccines. After those shots she began bleeding from her intestines and seizing. She began to lose weight. I went to a GI doctor for help and went on a severe elimination diet.

Guess what the GI doctor's final diagnosis was? "Some kids just bleed from their intestines." After several diet changes and even just eating lamb, lettuce, and olive oil for months, again the doctor assured me it was a coincidence. I finally fired her. I went to a new doctor and explained everything. He had nothing new to say and adamantly agreed it could not have been the vaccines.

The bleeding and the seizures did not stop until she was a little over 9 months. She became constantly sick during that time with virus after virus, bronchitis and even Rotavirus 4 times. The doctor convinced me BECAUSE she was so ill she needed her 6 month shots and that if I refused he would have to call social services on me. He told me she would DIE without the shots and I was playing Russian Roulette if I did not vaccinate her. He said all her issues were NOT from the vaccines even though I brought him documentation from the CDC clearly stating some of her reactions as valid vaccine reactions.

I was bullied, belittled, threatened... Again she got the shots and became very ill. If she went 1 or 2 days without a fever it was a miracle. ALL she did was scream and cry relentlessly. I was going insane. I could barely thrive. All I could do was carry her and try to encourage her to nurse. Finally I put my foot down and absolutely refused her shots. I told them to go ahead and call social services that they were blind and I was not an idiot she was reacting. She got better when we stopped vaccinating. The seizures stopped, the bleeding stopped, the constant illness continued despite the fact she stayed home with me and was exclusively breastfed.

Still the doctor said it was coincidence that she improved when we stopped vaccinating. At her 15 month appointment I was harassed into just finishing the Hib series. (Editor's note: this is the "just one" tactic.) The doctor claimed she was worried she could get meningitis from Hib and said it was just one little vaccine, not a combo and that I should really finish the series.

I stupidly agreed. Surprise, surprise, the bleeding came back but did go away again and the seizures did not come back. Yet suddenly she was allergic to an array of foods. She began to display very autistic like fits that we could not explain. The constant illness continued and she began having ear infections back to back starting the day after the Hib shot. She never had one in her life before it. She suffered 7 ear infections in 5 months.

I fired her doctor again. Antibiotics were not working. They were talking tubes. I, by the grace of God, found a holistic pediatrician. I was practically hysterical my first visit dumping her story on him. By this point my nerves were so shot from constant worry I didn't know what to expect. I thought I was going crazy. I knew in my heart it was the vaccines but I did not come to know the medical terms until much later. I was trying to study about vaccines during the few moments my baby was content or asleep.

The holistic pediatrician confirmed that he believed all her issues were from the vaccines and stemmed from the reactions. Through homeopathy, detoxing, diet changes and staying away from conventional medications we finally healed her around 30 months. The constant illness stopped. She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (explaining the autistic like fits) but we seem to have healed that as well through diet, natural medicines, and detoxification.

We still have gut healing to do and are hoping we can heal her food allergies. My second child was born at home and never vaccinated and she is 13 months today. She been sick 3 times in those 13 months. I know this is anecdotal but I think it's really saying something in our case.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Pregnancy Started the Journey to Healthy Living: Guest Post by Katie Moore

©2013 Katie Moore

Choosing to eat healthy via natural foods was my primary goal when I found out I was pregnant. Prior to pregnancy I ate what I considered mostly healthy foods, but never paid much attention to food labels. All of this changed when I knew I was supporting another little human! I immediately became more conscientious of the little-known chemicals that were put into many of the prepackaged foods I had been consuming.

After doing some basic research, I discovered that investing in organic foods and in organic household supplies could make a big difference in what I exposed my baby to in utero and after birth. This led me to the beginning of a completely new and natural lifestyle that I have come to love thoroughly!

Simple, Natural Foods to Boost Your Energy

One thing that was a big factor in motivating me to eat more natural foods during my pregnancy was I always felt lethargic and tired. A friend who happens to be a nutritionist explained to me that many of the heavy, starchy foods I was consuming were making me feel fatigued. I quickly discovered she was right when I switched to more nutritious meals!

Because purchasing organic foods can be expensive, it is a good idea to watch for store sales and then stock up on produce and other organic items when they go on sale. Most things can be frozen until you are ready to use them if you catch a good sale and buy items in bulk. If you find peppers, kale and other similar vegetables on sale, these can easily be chopped and frozen to use later in soups, salads or in whole-wheat tortilla meals!

Grow Your Own Herbs in Your Kitchen Window 

 If you want to grow some of your own things but don’t have time for a big garden, you can consider growing a small herb garden right in your kitchen window. You simply find a size-appropriate container, add soil and put in seeds for herbs such as cilantro, basil, thyme and parsley. This way, you will have fresh, natural herbs to season your meals with. You may discover this is a great way to reduce the amount of salt you use by turning to fresh seasonings instead.

Easy-to-Make Natural Cleaning Products

Another thing that I found easy to make a natural switch to was making my own cleaning products. From dusting solutions to tile and oven cleaner, I spent far less money by making my own solutions and I was also ridding my home of chemicals!

Baking soda and water is a great combination to clean hard-to-remove oven stains, and this mixture also works well for grease that sticks to baking pans and skillets. I used lemon and water in a spray bottle to clean all the windows in my home and I recycled old T-shirts and turned them into dusting towels. I found that many small changes yielded big results.

It's also great if you have a supportive partner. Be sure to reach out in your local community to find friends who are also making these changes and who can support you.  If you have questions about taking a more natural approach, feel free to ask your doctor or pediatrician. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who informed me about everything- from birthing options to breastfeeding to the value of cord blood! I hope you enjoy a happy, healthy and natural pregnancy!

Katie Moore enjoys blogging on a variety of topics including motherhood, childhood, fitness and natural health. To connect with Katie, check out her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Celebrating Big Siblings...Welcoming Daly #4...and a GIVEAWAY!

So.....We've welcomed Daly Baby #4 into our family, due in September!

After much debate and ambivalence, I once again went in for a mid-pregnancy anatomy scan. Thankfully the techs are very helpful and supportive of my non-hospital needs, scanning the baby, placenta, cord and uterus in about 5 minutes. I've always felt if the child is showing off, I don't mind finding out the sex either.....

So I'm excited to announce we are welcoming a baby boy. :) Jokes about Merida (from Disney's Brave movie) are popular right now in our family and Purple Sister even gifted a Merida costume to Zon. Speaking of which, Zon was shocked to find out she's got another brother, but any fears I had about her sister craze are gone. She's already wanting to buy him clothes, paint him pictures and constantly talks about him. Phew!

Daly #4 sporting the eerily repeated Daly features.

Throughout the early part of pregnancy, I casually talked about the new baby to the kids here and there, but was really looking for a way to make it special. I wanted to gift something to them that would emphasize their sibling status. Well, I found just the right thing: a book written for natural parents about welcoming a new baby! 

Mama, Talk About Our New Baby is 20 beautifully illustrated pages showing all that is sweet and wonderful about respectful, natural parenting. In it are images my children haven't even seen outside our family, such as tandem nursing and a family bed. I'm ecstatic to find a book they can relate to during this transition.

I couldn't help the preggo tears as I started reading the book to my children. They excitedly pointed to the daddy babywearing, to the tandem nursing, to the walk in the park with the puppy and more. It made sense to them and gave us a great foundation to discuss the impending arrival of our newest baby. Everything in this book is detailed and well thought out yet simple and accessible to even the youngest big siblings. 

Two Big Siblings excited and proud!
If you're looking for a big sibling book with gentle parenting and natural parenting elements, this is the one! I know we're going to be reading it very frequently for a long time. 

This book is actually the second one of two natural parenting books by baby-love books, developed by a team: author Toni Olson and illustrator S. Marie Carlson. Toni is a work at home mother who had natural home births and is passionate about empowered birth and breastfeeding. S. Marie Carlson combines her love of art with her love of pregnancy and birth. You can learn more about their books here.


To purchase this book or the homebirth book, visit:

Yup, seriously! I love this book so much that I am doing a giveaway on it. I have not been paid or pressed to do this...this is literally how enamored I am by the book! THREE (3) lucky readers will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter to win one hardcover edition. To enter, follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Homebirth with Herpes

Relationships, Homebirths, and HSV2 (herpes in the nether regions) by Jessica N.

I am writing this to stand tall and proud for ALL who have been diagnosed with what, at times, feels like a life-long death-sentence. OK, death sentence may be a bit much. We’ll say, sentenced to LIFE without parole.

I had recently gotten sober, gone through the rehab, detox, outpatient, etc. Well, I decided to get STD testing, just to clear up as much of my past as possible. Group Health is where I had it done. I felt there was probably something wrong, but hoped for the best. A week after testing, I come home to my phone flashing that I had a message. I listen.

“Yes, Jessica, your results came back, and it was negative for everything, except HSV2. Call us if you have any questions!”

What is HSV2????? GOOGLE!!!! I had to get on GOOGLE because those insensitive bastards left me a MESSAGE telling me I have something that I don’t even know what it is!!!!

So, I Google “HSV2.” Oh my God. I have herpes.

What a nightmare. An, awake, not at all a dream, can’t run, can’t get away, no turning back, nightmare. It was one of the WORST nights of my life. Alone with this news, not enough support in the world to help me get this sick feeling out of my stomach.

The next morning, I called and was able to speak with a very kind nurse who helped me understand exactly what my test results meant. I am still pissed they left me that message. They could have told me in person; or had me call back. Not leave a message on my answering machine. Who does that?!?! Thoughts flashed through my mind.

“I am never going to have a natural birth, I will require a c-section. 
“No man will want to be with me."
“There is something wrong with me."
“I am dirty, damaged goods."
NOT!!!!  Not at all. In fact, no one has ever judged me for having Herpes. I am not going to lie, I wish my lady parts were not “tainted,” but none of my fears came true. None of my fears WERE true. Guess what else?

I went on, and I met a man who did not have Herpes who totally accepted this part of me….and *drum roll please* I had two homebirths! And if I have more children, I will have homebirths! My midwives barely blinked an eye when I told them I had herpes!

If anyone reading this fears the worst or is told a C-Section is the only option, I am here to tell you that is not the truth. If someone is telling you this, you are in a “CYA” environment, also known as cover your ass. 

There are, of course, potential risks as with everything, but if you have a person caring for you and your unborn child that you trust, then I am here to tell you, that you too can have the normal birthing experience that you deserve. I had breakouts very close to my due date with my first pregnancy. I was so nervous about having a break out during labor that I had been taking Acyclovir my entire pregnancy. My due date was nearing, and although symptoms were showing, all was OK in the end, and I had a very successful labor and delivery, naturally, at home, no antibiotics, nothing. 

My second son, I did not touch the stuff (Acyclovir) -and did develop some symptoms around my due date. I immediately went and filled a prescription for Acyclovir out, and also went to Super Supplements and got some lysine, both oral, and topical. This was the day before my due date. I felt sick to my stomach, oh man, this is it, and this time I am not going to be so lucky. The fear once again, set in. But guess what? My son was born 5 days past my due date, naturally, at home, no drugs, no antibiotics. 

I have been blessed with two healthy boys, born at home, and my wish is that no woman in this situation ever has an unnecessary c-section. Research. Ask questions. Research some more. Ask more questions. But do not accept “no” as an answer right off the bat. If I can do it, you can do it. And I know I am far from the only woman that has done it. 

I didn't meet a man who ran away screaming when I broke the news to him. I didn't meet a man who judged me for this unfortunate reality. It sucks. I am not going to lie. It sucks. BUT, it is not a death sentence. There are many worse things in life.

To make things EVEN better, there are nutritional things you can do for yourself that basically rid you of symptoms, if you are diligent enough to avoid certain foods, and eat enough of others. Also, reducing your stress levels helps. So, those choices alone could essentially get you through a pregnancy without an outbreak-although I have been told it is pretty common to have one near the end of your pregnancy, with all the hormones at that time.

So, enjoy your pregnancies and births! Much love, and you are not alone!!