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Vaccine Damage - Safeguard your kids with Homeopathy!

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Vaccine Damage - Safeguard your kids with Homeopathy!

Classical homeopathy can be used very effectively to prevent infectious diseases, as it has been for two hundred years. A few homeopathic medicines in your travel kit can keep you safe when journeying overseas. Homeopathy can also be used in everything from dental problemsMRSA, and Lyme Disease to pet care. Homeopathy can also be used to negate the damage caused by vaccination and over-vaccination. 

Some homeopathic medicines that are very effective in negating the side effects of vaccination are SilicaMalandrinum,Belladonna,  MezeriumThujaMercury, and Sulphur. Please note, these need to be used in specific ways, typically only one at a time, and people should see a trained homeopath to treat these kinds of cases.

With homeopathy, it is important to find the exact remedy that a person needs at any particular time. It might take a bit of careful reading, or a visit to a professional homeopath, but treating a child when young can prevent all kinds of problems, and can set up a child for an active life of happiness and wellbeing. The best time to start using homeopathy is as young as possible. The two main homeopathic potencies are the Cs and the LMs. The Cs are often used in acute and first aid cases. The LMs are used by well-trained homeopaths to treat chronic conditions and they provide the advantage of improving patients from serious conditions at two to three times the speed. There are some websites with homeopathic search tools for parents and patients who are looking for a homeopathic remedy to treat general conditions.

Many of these homeopathic medicines are also useful in the treatment of autismdepressionmood disorders,ADD/ADHD, and other modern conditions, but for serious cases, one should work with a trained and experienced homeopath.

Introducing Homeopathy for Vaccinosis
Homeopathic First Aid Room - Iatrogenesis (Reactions caused by drugs, operations, and invasive procedures) by David Little
A Comparison of the C and LM Potency by David Little

Advanced Homeopathy

Homeoprophylaxis: Human Records, Studies and Trials by Fran Sheffield (PDF format)

The Adrenal Fatigue Solution Book Review

One thing I've noticed, that maybe you've felt at times, too, is that learning about things in the natural categories can feel overwhelming and lead you to ask more questions with fewer answers. This especially happens when you're faced with chronic and somewhat vague conditions that typical doctors don't know about, or even dismiss as silly.

Before Dr. Google warns you about cancer, read on:
Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) is one of those things. It isn't something fancy or scary, it's simply a professional term for what parents might call being burned out. It's when your body has been working too hard for too long, leaving you worn down, tired out, prone to minor illnesses, irritable, and not healing as well as you remember back in the days where you could stay up all night at college.

When someone begins to suspect that life has been too rough on her lately and that she's developing an adrenal issue, the first thing she asks me is, "What do I do?" The answer can be long and overwhelming, especially when the poor mom is trying to breastfeed, carry a toddler, and juggle 3,000 things on her todo list. Learning about an entire medical condition, natural treatments, supplements, and bio-identical hormonal treatments when her problem is feeling overworked and overtired already is a real crunch.

That's why I have no qualms adding this new book, The Adrenal Fatigue Solution to my Recommendation Bookshelf. I read it of MY OWN ACCORD. And was NOT reimbursed in ANY WAY. I like to have simple and helpful answers for my mama friends, and this is one of them.

If you're looking for a basic, easy to read book on AFS, check this one out. You will learn, without any smugness or eye glazing wording:

~What the adrenals are and what they do
~What AFS is, symptoms, and how it progresses
~Foods to eat and foods to avoid
~How to find a doctor to help you
~Helpful supplements
~The basics of bio identical hormonal treatments

It's not an intimidating book, and it provides some concrete ideas on how to begin feeling better and how to begin structuring your life to relieve the stresses causing your symptoms. Although sadly, there is no advice in the book on how to convince your husband to pick up his dirty underwear, I feel confident that if you are new to AFS and feeling overwhelmed, this is a book you will appreciate.

Here is the book website:

Again, I did not get kickbacks, compensation, trades, or whatever from this. I'm sorry if it reads like an infomercial. I just honestly believe this is a good book that will help all the parents out there worrying about AFS and looking for simple changes to make in their lives.

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Jewish Grandfather Avraham Burg Makes an Intactivist Case in Ha'aretz (Israel)

Jewish Grandfather Avraham Burg Makes an Intactivist Case in Ha'aretz (Israel).

Photo of the newspaper where this article was published.
Excerpt from Is this the generation that rejects circumcision? by Avraham Burg. Published in Ha'aretz (Israel), Aug. 29, 2014.

I approached the topic with a great deal of curiosity, and conducted a kind of man-in-the-street poll for several weeks. I asked my questions with care and got detailed responses. The many answers I received all pointed in a single direction: that the institution of circumcision is coming to an end. Or, to be more precise, the institution of circumcision has no real hold among the segment of the Israeli population that is not conservative and religiously observant… My innocent question, “Is any one of these answers sufficient reason to maim a child?” was met with silence. I asked, “Would you take out a child’s appendix soon after birth? Or implant a pacemaker in his body in order to play it safe?” The answer, with an embarrassed smile, was, “Oh, I never thought about it that way.” Nobody, but nobody, cited religious obligation as justification for the act… Here are the facts: there is no Jewish death penalty. We do not put out eyes or cut off hands. There are no rabbinic executioners, or people who amputate limbs for violations of Jewish law. All that are left are the mohalim – those who are specially trained to perform circumcisions.

Ritual circumcision is the only act of physical harm that remains. For how much longer?

The acts of physical harm I enumerated above, and many others, fell into disuse as the social and cultural conditions in which the Jews lived changed. Is our generation the one that is ripe for the abolition of ritual circumcision?

A challenging opponent has arisen against the ancient rite of circumcision: the concept of rights. Recent generations have deepened and broadened the discourse of rights – the rights of a human being to his body and dignity.

Rights and liberties are the true strength of Western society. This is a society that fights with all its might against female genital mutilation, which is customary in other parts of the world and still widespread among immigrants who refuse to assimilate and internalize the values of the new world to which they moved.

The fight against female genital mutilation is highly complex; the woman’s right to do as she pleases with her own body, her right to enjoy sexual relations at least as much as her male partner does, the freeing of the woman from any form of ownership by men (such as her father, brother, husband or pimp).

The way the fight against female genital mutilation radiates to the struggle against male circumcision is well known and extremely significant. After all, what exactly is the difference between them?

The difference is that male circumcision has positive branding compared with female genital mutilation, even though the issues are no different. On the one hand is the parents’ right to raise their children according to their faith. On the other is children’s inborn rights over their own bodies. On the strength of that right, violence against children was prohibited, and corporal punishment at home and in school utterly condemned.

It is likely that many people will continue circumcising their sons for religious or behavioral reasons, and many will look for other ways to express their membership in the Jewish collective without compromising on universal principles, which include the child’s right to an intact body.

Let us conclude with a paradox. An important part of the religious argument against abortion is the fetus’ right to life. According to this argument, the fetus is a living creature in every way. And, they claim, every child – inside or outside the womb – has the right to be born and to live.

So if the fetus, which is connected to the placenta, already has rights within the womb and may not be harmed for religious reasons, how is it possible to harm him, for religious reasons, from the moment he is born?

Avraham Burg, Is this the generation that rejects circumcision?Ha'aretz (Israel), Aug. 29, 2014.

Israeli intactivists demonstrate in support of Elinor Daniel, after a court coerced her to circumcise her son.

Israeli intactivists demonstrate in support of Elinor Daniel, with a sign that reads "A man's right to control his own body."

Kahal, an active social group for Israeli parents with intact sons, counts thousands of Israeli Jews among it's members.

Kahal, a social group for Israeli parents with intact sons is active and counts thousands of Israeli Jews among it's members.